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  1. Hi Claire! It was good meeting you too! I too wish we could have been able to see the 2 banners hung, but hoping maybe we'll get the chance to see it at some point if some of the fans on stage took some pictures from their place and share those on twitter or maybe here? The show at the Bikini was my favorite too because the venue was more intimate, the sound was better and I was front row! Thanks for your pictures!
  2. Hi! Not really a report, but a few words to let our ticket fairy know that thanks to her I could be in Toulouse last sunday and enjoy the show with some nice others fans! It was the 4th time I could see Mika on stage and it was great, one more time! :wub:This time though I could'nt manage to get front row, so I was a bit bewildered at first, surrounded by people I did'nt know at all, far from being hardcore fans and afraid that I would have to restrain myself from singing along as I wanted to do so! But things were quickly going better when I could join some nice people (hi Nelly ) and share this moment with them! It was a lot of fun, and even if I was far behind, on the left side of the stage, I could see what happened on stage and had a good view on Mika!This show was the last one I could attend to on the Heaven Tour, so I feel a little sad for that, but that's made it even more precious for me! And I really 'enjoyed the party as it was my last' The new set could'nt fit on the stage 'au Phare', just like it did'nt fit either in the other Toulouse venue 'The Bikini', so I couldnt get to see all that art of work which was made for this tour! But Mika was here on stage and that's all that matters! I know that he was wearing a sparkling fireworks Valentino suit but I did'nt even get to notice it (only remembering his white pant and his white wet shirt) A liitle bit disappointed that I did'nt get to hear 'Promiseland' live, but happy we were the first to be able to hear this new version of 'Hurts' !! At some point in the gig, he could see that we were a lot of people, crowded in front of him, so he pointed at some young fans standing in the first rows and made them come on stage to let the rest of us gain some space to move easily! It was very kind of him, and this way he made some people even more in Heaven! After the show, Mika came out to say hi to people waiting for him, signed some autographs and quickly drove out. It was good to see that Claire could finally be successful with what was due with Mika , and I was happy to know an other nice fan named Claire (part british/part french) - a good mix! Thank you again Deb, I had a really good time there! PS: Oh and I forgot to say that for the first time in his career ( those are Mika's words) he wasn't late on stage and started the show 10 mns earlier!!! It was 50 mns past 7 pm instead of 8 pm!! But what happened to him?
  3. Hi Nelly! You made it! Happy to see you there! Sabine is right, you'll quickly improve your english by visiting the forum: reading a lot, writting a little, and getting to know some others fans!
  4. Thank you girls for your pictures, Nina and Nicou! They are great! and will let us dream during a long time about this fabulous show! Thank you Claire for sharing in your report your thoughts , your feelings and your memories! Creating this banner to welcome Mika in Toulouse and sharing your project with all the fans here was a generous and smart idea! It was good seing you again and knowing that they are a lot of good people among Mika's fans! And now, as you said, you've got this appointment with him, so you would better be there! !! I hope you'll be succesfull giving him the banner this sunday! I enjoyed very much the show and the atmosphere inside the Bikini that night!The venue was very intimate, so it was heaven for me, even if the new scenery was missing. But, I'm afread this show will be the only one for me in the Heaven tour! So sad, and angry against myself!How did I manage that?!!Stupid woman!!! Knowing he'll be so close to home next sunday, and l have lost my chance to see him one more time!! Knowing that he recently had to cancel 2 shows and thinking about it, makes me see even more how precious these moments with him on stage are!
  5. MERCI Anne pour cette belle traduction intégrale! C'est vrai qu'il aurait été dommage de se contenter de celle de Pure Charts, car comme l'a dit Chloe, elle était très allégée! Tu as bien décrit tout ce qui nous nous traverse en lisant son écrit: émotions, intérêt, admiration et fierté. 100% d'accord avec toi: il est notre 'Good Guy'!
  6. Hi Becks, I think I may have been wrong about the girl since the one I have in mind was with a woman who seemed like a older her! I saw you talking to her (and her mother) when we were waiting for Mika after the show. She was on the left side of the entrance. Nevertheless, what is important is that she had great fun this night!
  7. Thank you all for your reports, pics and vids, it will let us wonderfull memories of this great show! No pics or vids to bring here to you (sorry), only my thougths and feelings about these day and night! It was my second Mika's gig (after the one in Barcelona), and I was quite excited about it! The D day began rather badly for me though, as I woke up that morning with a bad headache! Nevertheless, I had to make it, so after some more rest, I finally joigned the other fans, who were already waiting there, at the entrance (it was about noon I think). My sweet friend Nicou made sure everything was ok for me, let me know some other fans as well, and then the long waiting could begin... I was looking around, listening, chatting a little too- and it surprinsingly felt good and right for me to be here, among all the others fans waiting for Mika! A few hours later, when it was time to let us go in, Nicou and I could make it to the gate, first row, on the left side of the stage- I coul'd'nt believe it! And as I had often read in fan's reports before, I could feel the pressure inside me slowing down. (I don't know if you remember me Sabine, I was the one on your left side) I already knew the 2 male performers before Mika, but they could'nt totally convince me, even if Christophe Willem spread a good energy into the crowd indeed! I was so eager to see Mika that when he was in front of the audiance, at last, I knew that all the waiting there before was totally worth it! The wonderfull show he gave us that night proved me I had been right to make the trip to Rochefort (even if it implied leaving kids and husband at home for 3 days) From the first song to the last one, time did'nt exist for me. I was living in an other world, singing, dancing, jumping...the world created by Mika , this world we are invited in, and I'm so grateful to him for that! Each song was pure heaven for me, the new ones, the old ones, I loved them all! But my very special treats this night were 'Ordinary Man' - so moving (so thank you Mellyssa for the vid) , 'Good Guys' (it was so good to see the pleasure we could openly read on Mika's face when he saw all the gifts prepared for him by his fans, and to have been able to take part in it!), "Origin of Love" (one of my favorite song ever).....and finally all the others too! I enjoyed a lot singing on "Staring at the Sun" ; the music of this song and Mika voice were blowing my mind away, really! And then, this blat of joy and energy with 'Love Today'! loves that! Want to know that again! At the end of the show Nicou asked me how I felt, now that I have had my medication! And it's quite that! Mika's music, Mika on stage are the best medication in the world, for everyone of us! Some peole around us had come to see Christophe Willem, others had come for Olympe, others were here for Mika but haven't seen him live yet. Before the end of the show eveybody was under his spell! It was so good to see people shining with hapiness, all around us! After the show, we were among the few people waiting at backstage entrance. After a while, as Sabine said, a car came out without stopping. We did'nt get to see Mika this night (it seems it was not the right time). But we could see his mother, and it was ok for me.It was so good to see him on stage once again! Now back to real life, I'm already eager to go on with the next show! It'll be in october for me, in Toulouse (south west of France). I guess one could say I became addicted to him!
  8. Bonjour tout le monde, Un petit mot pour vous dire que j'ai vécu mon premier concert de Mika dans la joie et la bonne humeur: c'était dans les jardins du palais royal de Barcelone, le 10 juillet denier!J'étais accompagnée de ma fille et de Nicou, une autre fan française du forum. Mika nous a honoré de sa présence à la sortie, après une longue attente de 2h45!Mais ça vallait le coup!, Je parle de cette première expérience dans le topic dédié à ce concert! Oups, j'ai raté le vote des nouveaux badges! À ce propos, j'ai une question concernant ces badges: Comment est ce qu'on peut s'en procurer un ? Je suis assez nouvelle dans le monde des MKFcers et je n'ai pas encore le mien! Je me prépare à vivre ma prochaine expérience Mikanesque, ce sera à Rochefort cette fois!
  9. Élisa had great time during the gig, it was good seing her having so much fun! Was she with her mother? Don't worry, your French was just very good, even at this time of the night! Thank you Becks!
  10. Thank you for all your pictures and vids of the show which will give us memories of this magical night ! It was my very first Mika show and all I can say is that it was a lot of fun for me! I acted like a kid during all the show: I was singing, laughing, jumping! It was great time! I shared smiles with a young lady (the one who is with you on the pic Becks), it was good seing her enjoying the show so much! It was magic, and in the same time, it was like a part inside me refused to believe I was really there, making me seeing things from a distance, just like it wasn’t possible that Mika was really here on stage, singing and talking to us! But it was great anyway! My daughter and I were given by some ladies (among you) lighted bracelets , a big red heart, and a fan to use during the show. I thought it was great! Then the show began and time flew away too quickly!Mika and the band were already saying theirs goodbye! Then came the after show ‘waiting time’ and I was secretely hoping that Mika would honour us with his presence at some time. I had to convince my daughter first (who was very tired and a little bored) to be a little more longer supportive for her mother, and she made it through the end! Thanks to her!!During this long waiting time, I could get to know some others fans and I could see that they were ‘normal people’, just like me! BTW, thank you Becks for your kindness (we could safely catch a cab to get to our hotel). It was good speaking a little to you (in french) you seemed very at ease with everyone! Thank you for your report and pictures of the gift! I was a little impressed with you Mikafcers (I am so new in it), so I stayed on the other side, watching and waiting, learning too.... In the end, Mika rewarded each of us and I could get an autograph. I could witness how sweet he can be with fans he knows well, and how kind he is as well with new ones. I stayed until the end, and it was quite an Happy Ending! A BIG THANK YOU to Nicou (Nicole) because it was thanks to her that I could make it! She taught me to listen to myself and get a little boldness! Un grand merci à toi Nicole, parce que c’est grâce à toi que j’ai osé me lancer et faire ce voyage ! Here are some of my daughter’s pictures (nothing new, not really good quality either, but it's a sharing!) And now, ready for the next show (Rochefort Summer Festival)!
  11. Hello! You can add two more fans in it : Nicou and me. We'll give you the money (10 euros) friday night before the gig if that's ok with you. I'm quite new in mikafcers'world, so I don't know anybody, but Nicole (Nicou) knows Mikasister, so I think everything will go all right in the end! I send you right now a pm with our names to put on the list for the card. I'll not be able to check if you got my message, since I 'll be on the road for hollydays in one hour! I guess we'll see that friday night! Thank you!
  12. Thank you DerMoment for the subtitles add Every word seemed much more clear with this help! specially with the Scottish one! I enjoyed listening to these interviewes! Now, I'm patiently waiting for the One Show subtitles!
  13. This interview is a keeper and make you admire and care for him even more (if that's possible!). Sorry that I can't help the team with the translation due to my poor english, but the waiting worth it, guaranteed! And thumbs up to the Subtitling Team!
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