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  1. hi, does someone have one (or more) extra tickets for Mika's concert in Tivoli Utrecht? ✨
  2. hi Xenia, Welcome here and thanks for your poetic words about my favorite singer. Enjoy your new acquaintance with Mika, joy and hope. Here a link to a thread with many clips of great performances and interviews. I hope you like it.
  3. Thanks for your lovely introduction and for remembering me of the wonderful period when I got to know Mika and MFC. Enjoy the infatuation. Here a clip of a special performance of Stardust:
  4. Yes, it's a pity, this is a result of fame. A heavy burden to bear. It reminds me of this song of Jesus Christ Superstar. It seems difficult not to become cynical, distant, depressed or a victim when you're a star.
  5. You're right. I completely missed the Twitter discussion. So I jumped too quickly to the conclusion that the comments about the drama etc. were a reaction on the posts of Mikasister. I should have asked first if that was the case. Difficult thing communication. Especially when there are so many channels nowadays. Thanks for putting me straight. Anyway I'm glad that I missed the whole "drama" on twitter. Have safed my energy for cleaning my house and balcony. The weather was wonderful. By the way, I still think that people are fully entitled (and shouldn't be discouraged) to comment (negatively) on Mika not remarking on the London attack (or Brussel). He makes it our business by tweeting regularly. If you speak out in the public domain, you can expect other people judging your words and behaviour in that communication field. Come to think of it: this subject (what are the effects of silence about a subject that you usually comment on?) could be quite interesting. It would just be nice if the reactions were polite and well formulated.. Well now, I'm off working in my garden. Still wonderful weather in Amsterdam. A bit cold but very sunny.
  6. thanks. I think your answer clarifies the discussion, Yes it's a bit strange but as some people suggested he might be caught up in his work or in other things. Or maybe it's so close that he finds it difficult to comment on it.
  7. I don't see why it's making a drama if someone wonders why Mika didn't comment on the London attack. I hadn't noticed that he didn't but it's true. He usually comments on news like this. It's no drama to notice that and to wonder why he doesn't. There might be an implication in the original post that it is uncaring of Mika not to comment on the event. I don't agree with that (possible) opinion although I agree that his silence is a bit out of character. But there could be a million reasons why he didn't comment so I have no judgement on his action. However I find no offense in people that do think it's uncaring and I see no reason to jump on them. We write down (positive) judgements about his actions all the time, so why not also write down and discuss negative judgements. But let's start with a question. Do you think it's uncaring, Mikasister, or are you just (without any judgement) wondering why Mika didn't tweet about it?
  8. oh but it's one of my favorites as well. No mixed feelings here. Still they remind me of each other. Anyway you're right. It ís always a very subjective experience.
  9. You're right. Probably he didn't succeed in scaring himself enough the first time ;-)
  10. By the way, This performance reminds me very much of the performance of the cover She's always a woman to me http://www.raiplay.it/video/2016/10/Mika-canta-quotSheaposs-always-a-womanquot---Che-tempo-che-fa-del-23102016-3a2067ad-43b3-44cd-b1e2-7b30f87da0d6.html He's also very nervous there, his voice is not optimal or the cover is not right for him, the performance is touching and intense and the expression on his face (did I do well? Oh I'm glad they liked it) at the end of both songs is very similar. Interesting that he chooses to do things that scare him so and that seem to be too demanding for his voice or nerves.
  11. Okay, I tried it again. I just listened to both versions. I think they can be compared. You just did yourself and I completely agree with your comparison. Comparing two things doesn't necessarily mean saying which one is better. They both have their own merits. The smooth easy melodious way of singing of George is like honey on your tongue and his voice is amazingly rich and beautiful. But his version tends to become a bit boring and repetitive because of the strong 4/4 metre. I prefer the musical arrangement, rythm and intensity of Mika's version. The song is more interesting (IMO) when he sings it. However I don't find his voice strong enough to match the orchestra and there's too much struggle in the performance to my taste. Although that struggle may have been a boost to the intensity as well.I must confess that this cover is growing on me. I wish I' d heard it live. I noticed before that Mika's voice sounds much stronger live than in a recording of a performance. Still I have the feeling he could do so much better than this. But let's blame that on the nerves. Or on my perception!
  12. I haven't listened a lot to Mika's music lately. I also don't like listening to music as a background and there were too many other things and other music that occupied me. But now as a result of this thread I'm listening to NPIH (special edition) again and I'm feeling happy. I can't say the last cd is the best. All cd's have some things and songs that I particularly like. But NPIH is the cd I listen to mostly. It still feels fresh and as Dreamy Queen says the new material fits him perfectly. I feel no real need yet for new music. There's enough for me to enjoy in the cd's that are there and in all the recordings of performances and tv shows. At the moment I'm not as absorbed by Mika as I used to be. Somehow going to the concert in Florence seems to have been a turning point for me. The infatuation is over for the moment. I still love him but I have other priorities now. (okay not always, Ordinary man is playing now; I feel infatuated again. Luckily Je chante is on next. I detest the production of this song, so it throws me right back to my own life and goals) I'm looking forward to watching The Voice. I may have some probems with Mika's singing live lately (particularly with the old material) and I don't like everything he does and creates but I still love watching him, listening to his voice and words and following his development. And 'm going to France again this summer so listening to French is a goal for me in itself.
  13. I don't know anymore. I listened again to the Jesus song and I find it touching as well. But I'm also having problems with it. I think it's with the voice but I'm not sure. Music has so many aspects. I started this conversation with the remark that I have mixed feelings. That's probably the best conclusion for myself. The rest is rationalisation.
  14. I think he has lost some of the youthfull feeling of invulnerability. He sang completely unrestrained in the beginning. Look at this wonderful performance of Grace Kelly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xuow-2cyew All alone in the middle of a stadium, banging the piano like a madman I don't think he can do it like this anymore and that's okay. People change and get older and that changes their performance. That's a very normal proces and I don't mind that even if I sometimes miss the arrogant little daredevil that he was. As an artist you have to find new ways to express yourself and they have to work for you. Mika is certainly changing and exploring new ways that's not the issue. But IMO there's something going wrong lately and in this performance it was very clear. I know there have been many dicussions about him doing so many tv shows and not concentrating on his music. I don't know if that's the problem. The judging, coaching and his own tv show have worked out all right for him. He seems happy, made a record with some great songs on it, did beautiful things like the symphonic concerts and has touched a lot of people. However maybe it's time for a change again? I thought I would never say it but I would be glad if I don't hear him sing Grace Kelly, Relax or any former hit for a very long time. Nor any too difficult cover. Maybe it's an idea to finish his book? But he's smart enough to figure out what's good for him himself. If he takes the time to do that anyway.
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