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  1. Really cool kick off of the European tour 😃 Dear Jealousy is becoming one of my live favourites I hope we will get to see some other new songs in the other dates 😊
  2. If the stage will be as big as the last Bercy show, I would say that people could be a bit more relaxed that on the “”front row”” (well, there isn’t exactly a front) there is space for a lot more people than with the “regular” stage. Often fans rush to have the first 20/30 queuing numbers (which don’t guarantee 100% that you will enter with that order, but that’s the expectation) but with that big stage setting, it just doesn’t make sense to start super-early to have a number like that at any cost 🙈 and it’s on December, please please don’t do it 🙈 ps: I know that everyone is free to go whenever they want, even 3 days before, but still 😂
  3. Me too of course, but I don’t think he will tell us 😂 or maybe in 5 years 😂😂
  4. Anyway I’m happy he finally said (just a bit) how he met his partner 😂 He avoided the question few times when fans asked him in events like “Ask Mika on Twitter” so it’s clear it’s another point on which he wants to be very private
  5. I think it’s more plausible thinking about the BBB video too 🤔 I saw some critical comments on Twitter about the Ice Cream girls, but few were tagging him, so I really don’t know if he decided to remove the dancers just for those... maybe he wasn’t really sure yet himself yet about the whole thing
  6. Now I hope that those people will all buy the album and the concert ticket 😂
  7. I also think that Tiny Love is not ONLY about Andy but inspired by all the love that he has in his life, so, his family, but Andy as well 😊 And some lines in the “first song” (not the reprise) refer more to a “couple” love, not to a family love
  8. Well, if we know that there is a priority queue, it’s okay to have people with those ticket to enter first, but without any priority queue.... 😂😂😂
  9. Where? On Ticketmaster I don’t think 🤔 Anyway, I didn’t ask myself so I can’t guarantee, but that’s what she told me, maybe we should ask again before planning whether to queue early or not 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. I heard from another fan that they asked and there should NOT be a priority queue of course, can’t be 100% sure