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  1. also because I would like to make Summer plans
  2. Another article was mentioning going to sing in Syracuse in Sicily, but it's not in the announced Italian dates list, so who knows
  3. So, ok that's an interview for the French market anyway, but he talks about just one album, and in French Wondering if that means that the "other" album will come out more "mikasoon" than expected
  4. As you have already mentioned me I am uploading my videos on my youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO0GAdN0rxpk2j1nwdR5AQg I have been very happy to be there, and in such a good spot. Setlist wasn't anything different than what we heard this Summer, but it was quite expected since there is no new album, hoping next year we will have more new content Arena is such a beautiful venue and he really deserved to perform a full show there, I hope we will be able to see it recorded (do we have any official about it? I didn't get if they were recording for something "big" or maybe just a promo collage for his Youtube channel)
  5. I haven’t watched the tv show. Some friends are telling me they saw these people sitting there wearing some kind of badge of the event, so maybe they were invited or as you said, friends of someone
  6. Exactly. I read that also in Bari they were going to add 3 rows in the front, but then it got cancelled so the discussion didn’t even start anyway
  7. In that way the day of the gig people would be angry but at that point what do you do? You start insulting the concert staff which has nothing to do with the choice? You seat in the front row and then people who legitimately (don't know how) have been given those place will claim to sit there? (it's not very easy to choose which seat anyway, since the first 4 rows in the "orchestra" seemed to be staggered in a different way than all the other ones, so it's not immediate to understand which seat one should take without starting a fight 😂) I really hope it won't be the case
  8. Yes of course, yesterday evening many fans wrote to their assistance email complaining. No answer but they removed the rows from ticketone map
  9. I am quite sure Mika doesn’t have anything to do with seat allocation, it’s all up to the promoter and the venue
  10. my concern is that the promoter (Friends and partners) got several angry emails and messages yesterday, so they removed them from the map, but then they will be there anyway.
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