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  1. I’ve been at 2015 and 2016 London gigs and when the shows were few weeks or days close, there were quite many fans selling extra tickets (but maybe also because they were seated gigs and they had bought more seats in order to choose the best one? Don’t know) Anyway I suggest you to not give up hope and look here (and in the Facebook page of the event, linked on Mika’s official FB page)
  2. Pictures from the se one day we’re more difficult to be taken because of the lights for the filming but really curious about this project! The audience was louder than the first day, Mika seemed to enjoy it a lot 😃 Another thing that I love about traveling for Mika gigs is talking to other fans from different countries, it was lovely to meet you ❤️
  3. I feel really happy to have been to this kick off date of the MNIMH era! I flew from Rome and I had been told I was being a little fangirling too much 😂 but it was totally worth it of course The atmosphere is quite different from Italian shows, I feel really lucky to be able to see different kind of gigs
  4. My videos: Dear Jealousy Origin of love Tiny love Blue Lollipop Popular song Tomorrow
  5. After the gig, do you think it's easy to call a cab from there? Since I'm staying in Manhattan
  6. What does “queuing too early” exactly means outside of Italy? 🤔😂 I’m joking since I understand that there won’t ever be >100 people at 8 AM 😂 but I really don’t have any clue about when a consistent number of people starts showing up at a Ny show