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  1. Well, on Disneyland site they say something like “grab your tickets since they are limited” so, they push fans to buy them before they sell out (I don’t have any idea about the capacity of the place 🤷🏻‍♀️) So, if ever Mika turns up to be “fake news” okay, we would have had to wait for the official news, but still... 🤦🏻‍♀️ for example, for the Amazon showcase, the news came out first from an influencer IG stories, so people who saw them grabbed their tickets (free tickets that time) and seats were finished before Mika team announced it 🤦🏻‍♀️
  2. Yes, it was really chaotic because there were really many people waiting for him outside, in 2 different exits and he went to both 😊 but it wasn’t possible for everyone to say hi, since there was a too big crowd (not an organized queue) and I would have taken so long I was feeling quite sick that night and since I realized the mess that it was I didn’t even try to get in the crowd to say hi, I just sat on the floor waiting for my friends 🤣
  3. This is the one about OOL The other one doesn’t show up in topic results but just in status updates, it was from March 17th 2011 and it’s “"I think I just heard the coolest song Mika ever wrote!"“
  4. I think that in “Mika twitter updates” topics on Mfc of the time there are reported this kind of tweets, since he was publicly talking about Mika’s music
  5. When Mika was in Montreal in March 2011 Andy tweeted something like “I’ve heard Mika’s best song ever” and then when the album was about to come out he tweeted again something like OOL being his favourite pop love song ever 🤣 So then we thought he was talking about OOL and it was dedicated to him (rather than to a temporary crush or an imaginary love) also because of the Heaven gig dedication, but well, who knows, it’s just their life and their business 🤣
  6. I have to go definitely 🌈🌈🌈🌈
  7. Yes, after that “famous” speech at London Heaven gig in 2012 😃 and also because of some Andy’s tweets back in 2011 (but who knows if he was talking about Origin 🤷🏻‍♀️) anyway thank you sooooo much for the videos, it seems its been a very special gig ❤️
  8. You can look for trains on Trenitalia site, or Italo (another company)
  9. Big girl (it went quite crazy) dear jealousy Relax take it easy Good guys happy ending a cappella with me coughing in the background love today lollipop we are golden
  10. Good morning! I haven’t really realized yet that this is my last gig for the winter leg and PMD isn’t still here 🤣 The queuing was relaxed because we weren’t many fans coming early, but it became quite worrying when we realized that the venue staff wasnt going to place any barrier. So when they opened, it became really a mess and I fear the order wasnt respected at all, for me it was still ok just because I was really close to the door and I was one of the first ones to enter anyway. But what a stress 🤦🏻‍♀️ the gig was far from sold out but it still seemed to have a good energy, at least during Big Girl Mika was quite impressed 😂😂 It seems there’s always someone who doesn’t really mind not respecting his boundaries 🙈 Anyway I really enjoyed the show, everytime it’s worth it 😂 even if people keep asking what’s the point to see it multiple times 😂 Now I really need a break since I got a big cold in Bolzano and I’m coughing a lot (in my a happy Ending video you will hear it well) 🙊
  11. Ice cream Dear Jealousy relax Platform ballerinas Origin of love Tiny love Big girl Tomorrow Lollipop We are golden Grace Kelly stay high