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  1. That sounds good to me. I'm still around ... just busy in RL.
  2. MIKA ‏@mikasounds 6 uur6 uur geleden Happy happy happy new year. After such an amazing night (yes, still haven't slept) I feel so lucky. Thank you all X x MIKA ‏@mikasounds 6 u6 uur geleden Taking off now from Florence for first flight towards the US. Walked around all night with school friends in Florence after the opera house MIKA ‏@mikasounds 6 u6 uur geleden Felt like a teenager after a symphonic concert that was so intense. MIKA ‏@mikasounds 6 u6 uur geleden The sun is rising as we head towards take off. X 6 uur geleden
  3. And we couldn't cope either.
  4. You know … since I wear this sweater I feel so strange. From the moment I put my sweater on, my head started to itch. And my hands are itchy too … I just can’t stop scratching them. And when I take my sweater off I have bumps of this size all over my body. I wonder what’s wrong with me. Maybe I’d better call the doc. Can you believe my doc? He told me I have to stop wearing my sweater because I’m allergic to it. He’s insane. I’d better call Momma instead. I’m sure she knows what’s wrong with me. Momma told me the same thing. Well … she’s always right so I’d better take my sweater off then. She was right! This is SO much better!
  5. Man: I'm jealous ... why don’t I have a sweater like that? Woman: I want to rip that sweater of his body.
  6. Hi I’m Mika. I’m standing next to my friends in my brand new sweater. Momma made it for me. Can you believe it … she had to use this much wool because I’m so tall. It’s my most favourite sweater ever. I will never take it off again. What do you mean ‘you don’t like my sweater’? Oh … you DO like my sweater … and you want one too. Wait … I’m gonna call Momma right away. Maybe she wants to make another sweater for you. I called Momma but she can’t make another sweater for you. She only has this much wool left. She’s going to use it to knit a pair of socks for me that fit with my sweater. I’m so happy. She’s the best mom ever.
  7. But I can't play with my toys ... I need to finish that book. So I go out again for more coffee ... Huh? ... What? ... Yeah ... Coffee ... What's wrong with coffee? Coffee is good ... especially when it's very cold ... Or ice cream ... ice cream is good too ...I looove ice cream ... even when it's cold ... ... and lollypops ... I love lollypops ... ... and chocolate ... Oh what the heck ... I just love all candy ... Book Mika ... book ... book ... book!!! NOOO ... you know what with the book ... I don't want to write the book anymore ... This is what I do with the book !!!