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  1. Alex_RV

    #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    I can't believe how beautiful this program is. I'm enthralled watching the sequence Sarah+Gregory => Pick up off the floor => The boy who came from the future => Rebel, Rebel.
  2. Alex_RV

    #CasaMika 2 - 2017

    Clean Bandit published on Twitter about singing with Mika: It was very special to do a performance with @mikasounds duetting with @YazzieFierce on his incredible Italian TV show with the craziest set I've ever seen #casamika! There was a giant toaster!! And a giant bath tub. My sister took me to one of Mika's first gigs in London at Shepherd's Bush Empire about 11 years ago(!?) and then Jack and I took a bus to see him in a festival in Florence around that time too. So to come together and do this in Milan now was extra exciting for us!!
  3. Alex_RV

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2017

    Ciao! Sono qui per chiedere consigli. I'm the happy winner of a ticket for Stasera Casa Mika and I'm planning my trip to Milano. I have a couple of questions: how do you get to the studio (public transportation)? And back to the city at 2am?! Could I join a group so as not to be on my own? Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Alex_RV

    The extra ticket thread

    Ticket to give away for tonight's concert. I 'll be at the door at 7:30pm.
  5. I am dazzled and seriously fangurling. As every Tuesday night after watching the show, I just can't go to sleep! Tomorrow I'll be on another planet at work, sleep-deprived and happy, and wanting the day to be over to get home and watch my favorite moments on replay!
  6. I'm Mika-obsessed again! Love this show so much, I just can't sleep now!
  7. I absolutely love this show! The suits, the speeches, the music, the faces! The whole is so beautiful in every way. I really liked The Origin of Love last night and felt happy for Mika when he realised that Zingaretti was reading his song. And I'm learning a lot about Italy and the Italian people. Love the taxi stories. It's such a pleasure to spend the evening watching the replay. Grande Mika!
  8. Les Près d'Eugénie
  9. Bonjour, je tente ma chance ici: quelqu'un aurait un billet à vendre pour Carcassonne ?
  10. Alex_RV

    The extra ticket thread

    Hello, does anyone have a spare ticket for Carcassonne ?
  11. I have to agree on that, I really like this version of "Hurts"
  12. Alex_RV

    The extra ticket thread

    Désolée, le billet a trouvé preneur hier soir !
  13. Why at such short notice, Mika, WHY?!
  14. Alex_RV

    The extra ticket thread

    I have one ticket to the Bordeaux gig to give away, anyone interested ?
  15. The show was out of this world. I just want to point out that the fans played a key role in making it really special! From the point of view of the average person attending the gig, it was magical to see the colourful balloons popping out from the dark when hearing the first notes of “Talk About You”. And you guys gave a whole new meaning to “L’amour fait ce qu’il veut” with the rainbow flags! It was so joyful, and a beautiful celebration of love and acceptance. Mika was so sexy, all dressed in white and dancing under the disco ball. The stars were aligned that night, everything fitted. And fans were part of it. Fans actions are like a sacred heritage and must be preserved! This show is so rich in visual elements: Mika’s costumes, the back setting, the stained-glass door, the puzzling caravan, the lightning. A special mention to that monumental door that opens up to release “The Origin of Love”. I would’ve loved to be able to press on “pause” every then and now to fully appreciate what was being unfolded before our eyes. What about releasing a DVD, Mikasounds?!