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  1. :happybday: my friend also me i'm of 1985 !!! :yes: nice to meet you

  2. I will love you... unconditionally.

  3. fan forum/community set up for BØRNS:
  4. My MIKA Swatch is HERE!!! yeyyy~~~~

    1. Salura22


      YAYY!! Celebrate!

    2. crazyaboutmika
    3. GoodGoneGirl85


      thanks! i'm sooo happy! though it's made of plastic (well, it's Swatch so...) it's really pretty!

  5. Has anybody heard of this new artist called BØRNS? He's fairly new, I only found out about him in December of last year while I was listening to this 'Happy Hipster' playlist on Spotify. He has a knack for making infectious pop melody (just like MIKA!), and for weeks, i couldn't get the songs "10,000 Emerald Pools" and "Electric Love" out of my head, it's crazy! He has this sexy curly hair and a very cool retro vibe. He plays both the piano & the guitar as well as writes his own songs. He wrote his EP "Candy" in a tree house! How cool is that? He actually lived there for like a year or so. Spotify describes BORNS's music as "dreamy & danceable, falsetto-driven electro pop confections that have been dusted with glam rock and folk". I dont know about you, but that alone sounds pretty tasty to me. Even Taylor Swift couldn't help but tweet about him:
  6. people who have not seen MIKA yet... let's unite! LOL!
  7. i'm kinda late in seeing these and they're now giving me a heart attack. my god, he looks so hilarious!!!!
  8. we are not what you think we are... we are golden!
  9. Have you encountered MIKA in person? What is he like around fans and when he's off camera? Any memorable or accidental encounter? If you have met our golden boy, whether it was planned or by some fortunate coincidence, please share your fan account.
  10. i love uncomfortable silence, it gives me the moment to randomly think of something funny and laugh in my head.

  11. hello... could you please direct me to The Voice episodes with English subtitles? i can't seem to find them. thanks.
  12. hi, everyone! my name is Grace and i'm quite new to the fan club though i've been a huge MIKA fan since 2007. i would like to know where i can watch The Voice or X- Factor with complete English subtitles (if there's any). i've been wanting to watch these shows but i don't speak French or Italian. so far, these are the only subtitled videos i could find on YouTube, but they're only compilations and i'm dying to see more! (i'm pretty sure you guys have already seen these clips) i love MIKA so much and i've been obsessing about him lately. i've probably watched every interview of him uploaded on YouTube and i still can't get enough. not being able to understand him on The Voice and X factor is my current dilemma. i hope someone can help me. thanks a lot in advance! <3