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  1. Happy Birthday! :yay:

    May all your dreams come true!

  2. I meant to say that the suits might be limiting his growth. I love them, but an image can hold you hostage if you are not careful. Maybe he is running out of ways to decorate them. What he does with his image is his business of course. What I said was surely not intended as an insult. You cannot freeze somebody in time. Sigh.
  3. So this is a small example of the kind of meme I am talking about. A little info, sometimes a lyric, but all intended to intrigue or inspire or garner a strong reaction. Same format but with different colors or fonts. These were knocked off fast using just lyrics and the Giffoni interview. But I can tell you if you don't hit the nail on the head, there is a ton of material. I don't have great programs, but they make the point. Where to put them? Another question if anyone even likes the idea. These are all square frames, don't know happened with the Say Goodbye one, but I don't love it anyway. It's too on the nose.
  4. Yes, but in a standard form and style, standard borders. Standard size artwork. Same size type. Something that is a signature. Used in a consistant place and way. And using mostly quotes from songs, interviews etc that come from a solid, clear point of view that is Mika's.
  5. I also want him to do music. But your passion is deeper than mine. I just want him to do Something. Ah, documentaries. Another great idea. As is teaching. What an excellent instructor he would be. I would LOVE to take songwriting workshop with him. Or even see him do an in depth lecture. Someone stop me. I am making myself dizzy.
  6. Keep this as a Forum, just re-invent the form. It could be really something, there are enough people to work on it, but I am not the one to figure out how. I agree the forum should be super colorful. I am always surprised it is so plain. I would find illustrations, books that Mika loves, and plays and poetry and use hem all over the place (excerptsof course." I would use fan illustrations of songs and use them too. If you put a frame around anything, it looks better, so I would frame every one of these. You could use them on the front page, on FB etc. Images are much more important to most people when online thanalot of writing or even unframed photos with no titles. Think memes. Mika memes. And Mika fan memes. If I ever have time I will do a Mika meme. Also, I am not really a fan of the gifs. But I don't like them generally, not just here . Also, what about Mika stickers? That might be fun. I joined to hear about concerts but found the forum full of interesting things and people. I do think Mika's own web page is uninspired and it's clear that merch is not high on anyone's list. In fact, I think Mika's web presence is not very exciting. "Remember this" posts are somewhat sad to me. As if Mika was not here and now doing anything worth mentioning. I might think that his team and himself have really linited your ability to float rumors or little bits of info to keep it new, but I thought he was done with hiding his life. I now do my search on a browser, not in the forum. I can never find anything here. I think there is just too much material. If Mika owns this and doesn't ever give it his attention, that explains alot. Working in a void is a miserable thing. Honoring someone who never shows up to say hello, good job, is kind of a thankless thing. It's easy for me to talk, I don't put the energy into this forum that alot of you do. And maybe I have said some unhappy things. Some of what I have suggested though, might brighten things up. I do enjoy the forum, but I am older, and have mostly been on here to put together an idea of Mika's art and how who he is might make sense of some of it. Not that the sense I make is right, or useful. It's just who I am. Thank you for all your good work. It matters.
  7. When you get to a certain point in your life, and you are no longer struggling in so many ways (although always in your soul) what do you write about? I don't know the answer to this for Mika but I will be curious to see the answer. Maybe back to more storytelling about other people. But mature work is less driven by the depth of feeling - the anger, the yearning, the frustration, the alienation - than when you are young and need so much to let out those feelings. Especially if life has been kind to you. Of course, if his life comes apart at the seams and he has an early mid life crisis it's a different story. Also, for someone who is broadly creative, it makes sense for them to branch out. And he seems to like to be busy busy busy. A musical? I could take twelve of his songs, create a story and a book, and drop them right in now. A movie? Why do you think that bit about the time travel was in Casa Mika? I don't think it was enough of a story or characters to be a film yet, but I do think it was a test run. Also, he could easily produce a project if he thought it was right for him. A project about Gregory? I would adore it. More than a time travel project. A project about Lebanon? Really, can't you guys think so? I don't think he will stop doing music, but it takes years between songs to live enough to have material unless you are looking back. He is young for that. I spent years in the film industry as a story consultant etc and it was my job to catch things before anyone else. You had to follow your instincts. So I am doing that now. I could be wrong. But I still bet I am not.
  8. Interesting about the Lebanon project. Yes I think he has to be involved with the creation, probably on many levels. Would Andy direct? Very possible.
  9. It's a pretty safe guess Mika is going to be involved with a film as an actor soon. I will take bets he is going to write a musical. I mean, this is so... musical-ly.
  10. The heading says it all. Rich Isaacson, Mika's American Manager, just moved to a vp plus position with Def Jam. This probably only matters if you were going to send something there. I would imagine it is no more. It seems to have been a one person show.
  11. Okay, so I was going to do a version of this song myself but so far am still messing with a key. In the meantime, I did a translation of Le Soleil Mal Luné in English. I put the song to a whole lot of my artwork, and voila. I am happy with it. And I may try to get it to himself.
  12. I warn you this is kind of eerie? I had the strangest reaction to this. I though that Mika always has this alone quality. As if he is eternally by himself and can only get so close to anyone. This is his public persona I am talking about. I can probably understand why I think this, but not yet. It's related to his "I am from everywhere and nowhere." And this is really really the next think I think of Captain Jack from Dr. Who, unable to die. I have said and thought this before, there is a mythical quality which is not ordinary. And it makes my heart ache. Yes, I am a little crazy. Still ...