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  1. I think anyone want to I think you can if you want to, it's your own thread and part of your introduction afterall Now you know where to find it if you ever decide to write smth you're very welcome
  2. Well done Yeah, I see what you mean, it's not the same, you can't see how he reacts or know his opinion on that but this way you'll be sure he will read it at some point Here you can find the address
  3. I was about to tell you that I think it's difficult to see him but gosh, that was fast (or maybe I'm just late ) Anyway, maybe you'd better write him a letter if you want to explain all your work in the best way, as when in public I'm afraid it would be difficult to have a quiet moment for that. I mean, personally I'd be unable to speak and explain my concept properly and I'd be really mad at me after having screwed it up (you can find his fan mail address somewhere in the forum 📧) Welcome here and enjoy Mika's world, I like it when artists inspire others
  4. Siri

    I wrote an article about Casa Mika!

    I really enjoyed reading it and mostly because it's written that way - as an academic essay, and a good one. I read many bad journal articles lately that it was a pleasure reading such a good piece of paper despite its length. I also loved your will to explain who Mika is to an hypothetical unaware audience in a neutral way - it's not easy being objective when you love something (talking in general), but it's important when you're not specifically talking to someone who share your love. I'm very busy atm and I don't log here on MFC every day, but I read your article after several groups shared it. Then I shared it on socials too, even if I am "late", because it's really worth reading I agree with what other ppl already said, Mika should read it and I'm sure he would really appreciate it
  5. Siri

    MFC Italia - ITALIAN THREAD 2018

    Beh ma credo sia normale, d'altra parte era il piano disegnato apposta per l'ultimo tour mi sembra (anche se non sono sicurissima) come avete già detto: nuovo tour, nuova scenografia tra l'altro diceva che il nuovo album sarà molto "diverso" da quel che si sente in giro, quindi anche tutto il resto sarà in sintonia con la nuova musica, magari a partire dal piano ovviamente sono solo supposizioni, vedremo cosa farà
  6. Siri

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    No guest coaches since I watch The Voice Fr (season 5) And as Eriko said, this was not shown on tv, it was an extra from TF1 site
  7. Siri

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    I agree with what you said about Casanova and Frédéric, in fact I said it was better that way (for both) it was just a REALLY GENERAL reflection, not only The Voice or France related, but I know I'm not able to explain what I mean, so forgive me. I don't think that the winner was already decided instead, but don't want to start a debate on this
  8. Siri

    Not everything needs a thread

    Just noticed the "Thanks" reaction changed icon from 🏆 to
  9. Siri

    Tour rumours 2018

    Someone told me that it's usually 2/3 songs from each artist (this event takes place every year )
  10. Siri

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    I would have loved Frédéric to win, both because he was very good (I loved him) and mostly to prove you don't have to be young and good looking to succeed. It would have been such a strong message in a society where appearance seem to be more important than everything (speaking general, not referring to France or any particular place). Anyway I was happy for Casanova, he needed Mika's help more than Fred and took advantage of it I agree with you, I LOVED their duet, I did not know the song nor the film before but it was so funny and well done! And loved Mika dancing on that and on Kendji's duet How sweet from that guy to tell those things not being fan. He hit the spot, and I think we all love Mika fot that too Bonus: Mika dancing moment (vid because I can't make good gifs) LaCarioca.mp4 The Voice - mika & zazie 2.mp4
  11. Siri

    [The Voice] season-7, France - 2018

    I just discovered Gulaan released an album