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  1. Nope, apparently they have plenty of requests so it will take longer than you'd normally expect
  2. If you are waiting for them to email you I don't know if you'll ever receive your voucher. You have to go on their site and do the request yourself Anyway the government is discussing about the possibility to have your money back if you won't be able to use your vouchers in 18 months, but no official decisions yet
  3. A little summary of what he said in his appearance at EPCC
  4. Sorry to sound annoying again but everybody is free to express their opinion if it has no offence in it. You are supposed to express short thoughts on twitter (ok, you can now write more than before, but it was created this way). Example: I personally don't like xf Italy, because I find that participants are very arrogant (of course not everybody is arrogant, but I can't stand those who are) and maybe there are other reasons too, but this is the main one and the first that come to my mind if you ask me. So I can easily write "oh no, please Mika, don't do xf again!" At the same time I understand very well that, as he always said, he has to earn money in order to be free to set up his own shows the way he conceived them. So I can understand why he could do xf again and how can you blame him? If there is no possibility to start touring again, it would be stupid not to accept this job in a period when you can do nothing but wait. This said I can't write an essay every time I want to express a feeling on my twitter account! I saw many ppl saying that they don't like xf but are ok if he does it again, it's his choice afterall. I saw no drama so far, so where's the problem on expressing one's opinion? I'm pretty sure the Subtitling Team never subtitled x-F and TheVoice
  5. Yeah, that's the good and at the same time bad side of socials. They amplify things x1000, whether is love/hate/fake news/etc. And that's why I understand him not being constantly on socials. If you wanna use socials as a distraction or for sharing positivity and wanna live your life you can't be on socials all day long. And taking breaks from them is always good. Anyway I like how he doesn't use socials at all for months and then he pops out of nothing saying he bought vacuum cleaners and such things, I find it funny and I wouldn't change that with a socializer-Mika!
  6. Hello there! I see you are still discussing about Mika’s last post. I just want to say a couple of things because I’ve read several posts on twitter and I think I can at least collect what was said. Please note that I am reporting what other people said, I’m not expressing my thought on that, so don’t blame or yell at me. I’ll not talk about rude fans though, I think it’s better to leave them where they are and ignore them. About the people that called Mika out respectfully, there’s no reason to attack them. Everyone can simply have different thoughts and express them without attacking each other; we can also change our mind with constructive criticism, so no need to shut them down every time (I’m still talking about respectful tweets, not rude ones). What they wanted wasn’t a tweet where he said that he donated. There was no doubt on his involvement because if you are fan you know he is really concerned about this kind of subjects. What they were asking for was to tell something about what’s happening, and the reason is simple: there are many fans that are just not interested in what happens around the world and having him speaking about that would reach more people. It’s quite sad that you don’t know or are not interested in such things if your fave doesn’t tweet about that, but sadly those people do exist (if you don’t see them maybe you just follow active fans); or maybe you were just logged off every social for a while and missed everything (that could happen too, it happened to me some times). That’s it. Of course there were some rude tweets, but blaming everyone is not the answer. I saw much more tweets about people talking about other being rude than the actual rude tweets, and those whining tweets spread more hate and, as always, they created drama out of nothing. You can’t put everyone into the same basket. If someone was rude, tell them, but not blame everyone without distinction. I just want to add that many artists were called out too, not just Mika. And that’s simply because they have many followers and they could reach more people. I’m not judging if that’s right or not, but I can at least understand why they called them out.
  7. Here you can find the translation from a greek account 🇬🇷
  8. Here's another part from their fb page Anyway, it's quite simple downloading from Raiplay, but the emission have to finish first
  9. Sorry @sariflor, what's this Fokker thing? Is it a brand? I have absolutely no clue
  10. I don't know if it's too late. What about a "back to top of the page" arrow? I'm mostly using my smartphone and every time I had to scroll for ages to go back there
  11. Is there a way to see the code?
  12. I read that back in time there was a chat room. I think this is now replaced by single status updates - It's not a chat but everybody can talk about random things with other users. Anyway they are hard to find in the phone version imo, and I think this is reason why they are not so used. What about giving these more visibility, so you'll have a feed that looks like a social? I'm thinking about Twitter tl. Maybe this little trick will push young MFCers to post their thoughts here too. Or maybe not. It's just a random idea that came to my mind
  13. Oh, that sounds cool and very interesting 🧐 you know, I'm from Italy and we have plenty of castles and I spent years visiting those, we have stories about spirits haunting ruins (this story scared me so much as a kid, I still have some trouble with that particular location) I find it very intriguing! I also was part of an historic rereenactment group back in time! Sorry, I'm very good at digressing but you said vampires, I thought castles - middle age - novels... I think you can call me nerd too, even if I don't consider myself much competent (?)
  14. Ooh, I did see nerd stuff in here btw I like your drawings 🤩