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  1. Thank you all for your explanations I didn't try to search it on the net as I thought it was a slang thing and that I wouldn't find anything
  2. Sorry for the judgement, but this was so stupid from them, especially if the problem was the cleaning fee. If it was for fire safety then it's more understandable. Anyway I understood someone contacted the venue by telephone, and they did not think to contact the promoter neither, so it's just non sense imo, and it would have been such a good publicity for them too
  3. Oh, I see. Anyway are you sure NRJ does not consider fanbases? Some other artist's fan told me there is a minor award for this too - not shown on televison, but it does exist, does it? I never heard of that before I was confused too at the beginning, then talking to other fans we understood it was not officil, even if now it has the ✔️ on twitter
  4. Yeah, that's what I was trying to say, but I wouldn't be able to explain it so well. I did not see that movie, I will certainly catch it up, thank you! I agree with the "love yourself" meaning of Tiny Love and not being worried about him anymore because he is loved and supported and he realized that too apparently, taking care of himself first. Sorry, I nearly repeated what you wrote, I'm not that good in explaining complicate topics
  5. That's a good point too. Isn't it all about freedom afterall? Freedom to say what he had to say in his songs, freedom to be tired and go straight to bed after a long work day or freedom to stop for a chat with fans not feeling forced to do so. I consider him being such a caring person, maybe he's trying to be "less caring" with fans in order to protect himself; I don't know how to properly explain this, you know, when someone is too involved in smth and just have to step back to feel better.
  6. I hope this too, but I unfortunately learnt that the common sense does not apply to the crowd Let's hope for the future anyway I don't think it's smth against the fans or that he doesn't love us anymore, nor that it's taking our love for granted or acting like a star. At least I hope so, as I hope that it's not due to national/regional/personal preferences. I rather think (or hope) there's a good reason for that, and for me the emotional one is the most likely of those I thought about
  7. As some of you already said, it's not part of his work going out of a gig and sharing a moment with his fans, though it was really nice of him doing so. I also have mixed feelings and many theories about this change The "preserve the voice and the health" thing is a good thing imo, but I don't think it's the (at least only) reason. And I understand the "no more gifts", and that way he also reduce the occasions but, again, I don't think that's the reason. The first thought is that is "not fair" to those who can barely attend one gig and can't afford travelling or going to more than one show. I was afraid that he was not stopping after gigs only in some specific places, due to the behaviours and bad reputation of some fans, and that would have been even worse. But at the same time if in my sole occasion to see him after a show there would be a screaming and a non-respecting crowd and he'd leave for this, I'd be very disappointed. So maybe one of the reason can be that: he had spoiled his fans in all those years, so after every gig the crowd that wait for him grew and became wilder and wilder; maybe this is a way to reduce it (if is not sure that he'll stop, maybe those who are there but more interested in a trophy than in the person would leave). He also said that this album is very personal and his emotional involvemet during the show leaves him drained; I think that if you add some touching fan action, he is more than vulnerable at the end. Plus, many fans that attend many shows sort of know him, so maybe now that he is talking about his familiar situation and have this huge emotional challenge to face, he eventually want to avoid personal questions, such as "How's you mother going?" "Hope she'll be well soon". Even if they are kind questions, maybe he's not prepared to face them multiplied for each fan at each gig.
  8. This is mine We use to make a big crib at its foot but this year we only put a little statue due to late organisation
  9. I wish I was in Paris too, last time it was so special enjoy the party everyone and good luck for the FA, I'm looking forward to see it and Mika's reaction in videos I hope one day I'll be part of this kind of things too!
  10. So, here's my report one week and a few days later I had the chance to go to a gig back in 2016. Back home some friends of mine told me that next time they’d love to come with me. I bought four tickets on the presale in June, but they were not sure they could be there. Then I forgot I had four tickets (two were for me and my sister) and my friends could not come so I ended up having two extra ticket I sold to random people the same morning on my way for the concert They ended up being really nice people, they waited for me while I was lost in the transit strike and we really had a good time together I knew that we were organising some Fan Actions and once in the queue we were given a pair of glowing glasses for Dear Jealousy and some coloured post it to put on the phone torch for Underwater. We enjoyed them very much (especially the glasses, that had to be built with glowing bracelets - at some point one of them disassembled while we were taking a picture ); unfortunately, we were too few having them in the crowd and nobody seem to notice the Fan Actions. This was my second gig ever and I have never done Fan Actions before, so it saddens me a bit that they did not worked The venue was full but we were not so many waiting in line, and I had the impression that a lot of people were here to see Mika for the first time and/or not being active fans (I mean, they like the artist but don’t follow him - I don’t know how to explain it better). Despite it the audience was very reactive and supportive even with the artist in the preshow and Mika was full of energy in seeing such a fired up and large crowd The guy in the preshow had no chance though, he broke a string of his guitar while singing, then the microphone did not work but he was very good. Then Mika. We had such fun in discovering his narration through colours (some were not what we expected to be ) and loved when he improvised strange things, for example at some point Max was doing squats and Mika started crawling in his direction We were on the right side of the central stage, and we thought “oh well, we’ll see his back while he will play the piano ”. We obv were wrong. Wrong side of the piano The only thing we could see in those moments were his legs. Pretty nice legs, but still. Before the show we sort of heard Giulio saying Mika would get off the stage in front of us, we were a bit surprised when he did so on the opposite side; then he walked around it and passed over the barriers in front of the girl that was there with me. She was a bit shocked (in a good way ). Then he introduced a song in French, dedicated to his mother. Very touching and yet so full of joy. At one point he said he hear nothing with the earphones on, but that the technician put some microphones around the venue so as he knows what happens around him; that night there was a couple of women chatting right in front of one of those microphones, so he had the impression to have strange voices in his head "like the two little girls in shining. I don't understand what language they're speaking but PLEASE SHUT UP!" Then another silly moment on HE. He was asking for silence before singing a cappella and a guy from the seated row shouted about how cool Mika is. He winked at him and started doing a sort of model walk on the stage (I saw a video somewhere, I'll try to find it and put it here ). It all seemed too short to me. The day after my sister was obsessed with Max. She already knew who he is because we talk a lot but she was singing "tarari rari tum" all day long Here's some video my sister did RELAX 20191129_214935.mp4 Here's when Mika was crawling in Max direction 20191129_220205.mp4 Here's when he passed the barriers in front of us 20191129_220451.mp4 HE a cappella 20191129_225610.mp4 Hell, paradise and purgatory 20191129_230424.mp4 and some pictures made by her and me
  11. He did not sing Paloma though... I'm still high after three days, is it possible? I'm not good at reports but I can try to write one, hope to have time these days!
  12. Buongiorno a tutti! Per la data di Bologna sono previste due Fan Action, le trovate spiegate in dettaglio in questo post Per chi fosse interessato, esiste un gruppo su facebook creato apposta per l’organizzazione di Fan Action per le varie date italiane del tour. Vi lascio il link