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  1. nothing happened for few months and i had a few dreams last night, one about Mika I dreamed that there was an interview and you could reserve seats to listen to it live, i was there, and i was listening to the interview, cant remember much what they said tho, at some point i left the room for no reason and when i came back, people told me mika left and when i was gone, he let people in the public talk to him , and i was disappointed .. i left again but when everyone was gone i came back to the room, the room was empty and i was still sad about missing a chance to talk to mika . then i heard someone entering the room again and it scared me , but it was him, he came cause he forgot something in the room he was surprise to see me there but i just timidly said some basic " hey, how are you?" "the interview was great", stuff like that (now just a reminder that it's a dream of mine to one day be able to speak to mika directly to talk about the inspiration i got from him and that i did met him once but missed my chance and it still haunts me ) remembering this , when he was about to leave, i quickly asked if he didn't mind that i talk to him about some stuff, scared that he had to leave before i could speak again, but he said he had time so we just sat and i told him EVERYTHING : the dreams he was in, the inspirations i got from him for my animation project : julian, the fact that his voice fitted my character , but also silly trivia, like the day i wanted to make a realistic painting of him and accidentally printer 30 times the reference and my school was wondering why there was print of mika everywhere, or a stopmotion i made when i was 11 with "emily" in the background , and the day i met him and if he remembered , he did and he remembered the fanart i showed him i was so happy that i could share all of these with him without fearing that he would be distracted or had to go , and he looked like he really enjoyed it i woke up and it felt really nice, I just ... cant wait till it happens for real
  2. sorry for my long absence on this forum, i've been focusing on school and other important work ! but i'm returning to present a second version on my ordinary man fan animation project , more of a animatic this time ! a bit cleaner, some changed scene but some are still missing / have to be change, some part are a bit rushed/ messy but no worries, i'll work on that, but enjoy some progress <3 as stated in my last update, the story showcase my character julian, in his last day as a living, drinking beer with his friend, falling in river and drowning... again, this is not mika related, but using his song/ referencing to his work ~ note : all background characters belong to friends that allowed me to use theirs -------------------------------------- i'd also love to announce that i'm currently working on the script for the Heartland Series (animated series where julian, a character inspired of mika and his work, comes from) and still on that subject, i'm starting to wonder where will i find a person to voice julian knowing that he sounds like mika in my head :' D but i have time to think about it
  3. i'm not sure when exactly i can go there ??? but since i don't live far from it , i could go ^^ it would be great to meet other fans ! tho i don't understand well.. and i'm getting really lost on how we can have a seat in the voices' public ???
  4. EH EH (gosh i just realized how tall he is compared to me .. i'm a midget lol) HERE all the crazy stuff i have of the character mika inspired ! (these dont include art i made or commissioned , i have like ... over 60 of them) the plush is the only one i didn't made myself :' D it was made by this person : https://www.deviantart.com/mega-arts
  5. yeah that's the main reason, ;;; i also really wanna hug him ... i couldn't today ;; my main goal is to tell him about julian, and share with him few things i did with julain, how far the inspirations took me (like ... i made a statue , commissioned a plush, made merch (buttons/ charms /t-shirt) of julian ...) i can show it here if you wanna ?? aaah GOOD thank you so much , will definitly keep that in mind~ thank you again ^^
  6. no no YOU're RIGHT i was super lucky ! welp i study in paris so i was kinda near :' D saw the opportunity and took it ! i'm super proud of what i did today ! to be honest i was considering giving up this morning I can ??? i guess yeah ... it's just not the same thing saying something to someone by message and saying it to them directly ! ;; but considering i had a lot of luck today and the future in uncertain, that's probably a good idea ;; OOh good good ! thank you for the suggestion ! might do that ;;; thank you<3
  7. thank you<3 this gave me so much hope for the future ! i did it once and I can surely do it again ! i hope one day soon !! now Stardust makes SO MUCH more sense to me ❤️ i wanted to specify that there was a couple waiting in the line with me, when mika had to leave, they pushed me toward him and asked him to give me a little time, wasn't enough to tell him about julian but they were so kind and sacrificed their place to help me ;.. i don't know if they are in this forum but if they are ! thank you so much to you two !
  8. Update ! I was at the Peugeot stand today and saw him! Was a little late tho so he had to go ;; A couple behind me helped me get to him before he left and he let me take a pic with him A little sad I couldn't tell him about julian but this gives me a lot of hope that I'll suremy find another occasion to see him again and tell him
  9. I guess yeah :' D i asked someone else and they said i could try, since i'm not too far .. i could, if i miss it, well yeah i will surely find another way ^^ thank you ~ about "the voice", i have to admit i have NO idea how to get a place there ?? neither if meeting him would be possible ?? but i could do some research about it but i might be off topic here ~
  10. I see ;;; well i took the time to think about it, that'd be cool to see him, meet him maybe ????? but it will take at least 20 minute to get there, maybe 30 ?? mmm and i'll have a lot of school stuff to carry , that include a HUGE drawing pad, and I'm not sure they will let me in with it ? i'm just scared to rush to get there to end up missing him / not being able to enter i'll take the night to think that out .. if i do go there then GOOD ! if i can't, i bet there will be other occasions, maybe better than a car expo :' D
  11. Nnnn I'm studying in Paris (near montparnass station ) but I finish at 7pm exactly .. do you think I can still have the time to go there and not miss him ??
  12. Thank you everyone for your nice welcoming messages :' D sorry for my slow reply, i'm stressed and anxious when i'm new ~ but i'll find a way to be more talkative somehow i'll try to make sure to go to the next french concert (or any european actually ??? trip arn't much of a problem) ! i'm sure there will be a moment where i can meet him and be able to talk about this story ^^ just need some time ~ thank you ^^
  13. made this a month ago, just wanted to draw him~ might try more later
  14. I recently had a dream where Mika came to my school and we had to collaborate on a mosaic and as a fan, i was really happy of meeting him, but tried to keep it calm to not sounds weird, so calm that i dont even mentioned the fact that i knew who he was later when we were done, he violently grabbed my arm, seemed REALLY mad at me for no reason , asking question like "how do you know my name if no one said it yet", "you know who am i, right? why didn't you said anything"?? felt really off coming from him, i cant imagine him being that mad and asking these kind of question ??? it was really odd, this dream was scary for me and i keep wondering if i did something bad ?? i hope not