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  1. Omg, wow...this song...it's so incredibly beautiful, wow...
  2. Kakjes, ik dacht er eerst aan om op eerst nog wat Mika op de piano in Utrecht Centraal te spelen en dan om half 7 te komen, maar dat is veeeeel te laat dus. Als het eenmaal zo ver is vraag ik hier nog wel even hoe laat iedereen gaat.
  3. Thank you for your sweet comment! I've looked on the subtitling page and I noticed that quite a lot video's don't work, often the ones from 2014 and older. *Cries in French, Italian and English* What's your similar story @sara09?
  4. Noooo, staan mensen daar echt al anderhalve eeuw van tevoren voor de deur? Hoe vroeg moet je er zijn om een beetje vooraan te staan? Bij Tivoli sta je in ieder geval niet buiten in de kou te wachten.
  5. Thanks for the threads and thanks for the tip!😘 (Omg, I just found out that there are Mika emoticons on this website hahahaha)
  6. Awww thank you @kreacher. This summer I was thinking about writing some stories and maybe when I'm better at writing, I want to write a book , so I see that as a big compliment. Your comment made me smile too!❤️
  7. Hey folks, Okay, well, here's my story. Make yourself a cup of tea, because it's a long one. When Life in Cartoon Motion came out, I was 5 years old. Relax, Take it Easy, Lollipop, Big Girl and Grace Kelly were on the radio all the time. I really loved those songs, but as the time passed by, the songs were played less and less on the radio. And at that time, the radio was my main source for music. All the years after that, I didn't listen to Mika anymore, but everytime songs from his first album came on the radio, I got that happy, nostalgic feeling. Earlier this year, I was thinking about Grace Kelly. I rememberd that I really liked that song when I was younger (ugh, younger, as if I'm old xD) So I looked it up on Spotify. And on that day, somewhere in May 2019, me being 17 years old, I found out that all the songs above were from one artist. For 12 years I didn't know! At that time, my exam period just ended (I passed, yay!) and I began listening to all his songs and I caught myself listening to it all day, every day. I watched some interviews from him (my French isn't that good and I can't speak Italian so I was verrryyy grateful for the English interviews haha) and I really liked his personality. I watched some of his shows online and I was amazed by his performances. Two days after that, he announced his new tour. It was ment to be. Usually I think a thousand times before I buy something, but this, I had to buy myself a ticket. Sooooooo, I'm going to my first concert ever next year, on my own, and I'm glad it's one from Mika. I've been following the mikafanclub Instagram and this website for a while, so it was about time I signed up for this website.
  8. Ik ga alleen 😛 ,maar ik zie wel wie ik daar tegenkom. T wordt nog een kleine opgave om uit m'n introverte holletje te kruipen maaaaar goed