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  1. Happy with the little mention of him in Eurovision:lmfao:

    1. silver


      What did they say?

    2. Michelluuuh


      Switzerland was represented by Gjon, who was in Mika's team in The Voice France. So they mentioned that. It was very short, but it was a little sign that Mika is still alive, so to speak, and is still doing stuff after LICM, because I think that he is forgotten by a lot of people in a lot of countries.

  2. Hahaha our prime minister has temporarily abolished shaking hands and since I have an internship at a primary school, I've greeted 26 kids today through the touch of elbows. It feels so unnatural and so unpersonal. And many days to come -_-

  3. Look at this amazing bridge I came across in Amsterdam😊 I was surprised by how long the bridge was 🤗



  4. WOOOOO We couldn't beat Conchita, but the ones he did win, he won with ease. (Is this a good sentence? I don't know )
  5. He is still working on the book?! Didn't expect that. There's a chance that we can read it before we turn grey and old, wow🥳
  6. Ik moet toegeven dat ik lichtelijk verbaast was over dat dat met die kroontjes door gegaan is. Ik dacht van 'nou, dat zal wel weer zo'n veel te overenthousiast ondoordacht plan zijn', maar het heeft allemaal goed uitgepakt. + ik heb een gratis souvenir 😛 en daar ben je Nederlander voor toch? haha Maar inderdaad, de sfeer was super en iedereen was zo lief voor elkaar. Zelfs in de trein op de terugweg had ik gezelschap, want ja, met die kroontjes waren ze makkelijk te herkennen 😂 Mika moet wel snel weer terug komen hoor, ik kan niet vijf jaar wachten op de volgende😁
  7. Hey Vincent, I hope you had an incredible evening! It was my first time too and I have to say...I believe that I became addicted already.
  8. Here are two We Are Golden video's Suus. My singing comes free with it 🙊 I'm sorry😂😂 20200213_225705.mp4 20200213_225558.mp4
  9. Ohhwww I've completely missed that. Is she somewhat alright? Or is it really bad?
  10. You just shoved in, don't know where you came from or how you did it xD
  11. Does somebody have a video of Mika on the balcony with that girl who had to close her eyes? (Because...I'm the girl.) And if it's possible, preferably a downloadable file (sending it via e-mail is alright). Heeft iemand een filmpje voor mij van Mika die bij Big Girl boven op het balkon staat met dat meisje dat d'r ogen dicht moest doen? (Dat ben ik zeg maar, kuch*) En als het mogelijk is, iets downloadbaars (via e-mail kan). Kan ik het voor altijd koesteren Ik heb ontelbaar veel mensen zien filmen, dus er moet toch wel iemand zijn 😁
  12. But...but..., I just read that you're thinking about deleting your instagram account 😂