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  1. Ooooooh I absolutely love "some of us in the gutter are looking up at the stars"!! It's one of those lyrics that is just so comforting, like someone wrapping a blanket around my shoulders. And "never make you run for cover..." was never a lyric that stood out to me, but now that I'm thinking about it I'm definitely loving it. Alright, favorites from each album? This is gonna be hard... LICM: "say goodbye to the world you thought you lived in" I just love Any Other World so much, every line hits me hard every single time I listen to it Songs for Sorrow: "if we're all together screaming, why can't we make a sound?" Feels like my constant mood regarding politics lol TBWKTM: "like a magpie I live for glitter not you" It's just?? So powerful. But also, all of We Are Golden is a gay anthem and I love it for that. I also love "all these colors that surround me / all these places only drown me" TOOL: "stars are magic, life is tragic" I actually have this one on my computer's desktop wallpaper, which may seem a bit depressing, but I see it more as like, awful things happen in life, but there are still things that are beautiful and magic, and it always feels kinda comforting NPIH: "somebody once told me that there are watchers and there are doers in this world / guess I'm a watcher not by choice it's just what I was hurled / we're just two friends, it's not a risky situation" So I probably relate to Good Wife too much for my own good MNIMH: literally the whole album?? Some favorites include "There you can shine like a star / there's a place for you whoever you are" "If this isn't what you wanted, why'd you put a smiley in your message then?" "let's be brave turn the light on" "that don't make her less of a girl" "no matter what life throws at you, I will always love the blue in you" and "we are giants with our tiny, tiny love"
  2. Personally I really like this song! It's certainly not my favorite Mika song, but I've had it on repeat for the past few days sooooo ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think it's quite fun that he's doing something a bit different, and I love his explanation of the song as closing your eyes and being on vacation- that's exactly the vibe I get from it. It's become one of those songs that when I listen to it, it instantly boosts my mood
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