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  1. Yeah, i imagine he wouldn't be too enthused, lol. It might be alright though since his name isn't anywhere on it. I don't think I'll EVER stop caring about Mika, but I figured it's better not to permanently mark yourself with someone else (especially someone you don't know yourself). (No disrespect to those who did that though! I'd just be too nervous myself ) At least doing it this way it's always going to be fun beautiful art, connected to Mika or not
  2. Realised I completely forgot to share when I got my MIKA tattoo sleeve started! I plan on colouring it in, but here is what it looks like as of now :-)
  3. Oh it's alright, at least I still know what the lyrics actually say. It still means a lot to me :-)
  4. Oh this is so wonderful! Congratulations! And I'd second not going back to fill it in if you already like it as it is. I had some lyrics tattooed on me that looked great and then immediately became awkward looking when filled in and have since "bled" over time and is now hard to read.
  5. Hello Anna! Lovely to have you here! ❤️ I have a similar problem with friends my age not knowing Mika. Hopefully you find yourself in good company here.
  6. Hello! I'm 17 from America and just found out about Mika a month or so ago, so I think we're in a similar situation. I love your favourite songs! Tomorrow and Relax, Take It Easy are some of my favourites as well. I hope to see you around here often! 😄
  7. omg i always misheard the girl in the blue with the big bust on lyrics too! I heard "girl in the blue, she's a big bastion, big bastion" I just assumed he meant that she was powerful? I had a feeling that i was hearing it wrong though 😂
  8. It might be a bit weird because it's not even close to being his saddest song but Good Guys made me cry once, haha. It's just such a painful melody to me
  9. (Apologies if this isn't allowed! I did a keyword search and the only thread I found about this hadn't had a reply in over 9 years so i figured I'd start it again) I was wondering what everyone's favourite lyric of Mika's is? If you want to get even more into it, favourite lyric from each album? Why is it your favourite? My favourite is "Never make you run for cover even if they want us to". It's so romantic and full of life! Just hearing him sing that makes me feel powerful Also love love love the lyric "some of us in the gutter are looking up at the stars"
  10. This is so unfair 😭 i'm convinced it's impossible to pick just one for each album, but i'm going to try LICM: Happy Ending TBWKTM: Touches You TOOL: Elle Me Dit NPLIH: Boum Boum Boum MNIMH: Ice Cream Honourable runner ups for each would be Relax, Take it Easy Pick Up Off the Floor Tah Dah Good Wife and finally it has to be a tie between Paloma and Dear Jealousy. Paloma is such a beautiful song but Dear Jealousy was the first song of his I ever heard 🙂 I love this thread, it's so fun hearing everyone's favourites.
  11. Hello MFC! I only started listening to Mika a couple months ago (horribly late to the party, I know). However I've come to absolutely adore him in this short time. My friend has been in love with him since 2010 and has been trying to get me to listen to him as long as I've known her. I never did and just found out about his music through pure coincidence. Needless to say I owed her an apology for not listening sooner. I found this forum when I was looking for photos of Mika and the source of one led back to here 🙂 Happy to meet you all! I'm a teenager from Las Vegas (I know the dangers of sharing personal information online, but such a large city I think is okay to share) My favourite song of his is Touches You with Happy Ending as a close second. What are all of your favourite songs of his? Where are you from? How did you find Mika? Happy to get to know everyone. Much love ❤️
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