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  1. Hi @willprest, welcome! I hope being a Mika fan keeps helping with your studies, and I’m glad he has such a positive effect on your life. I hope you enjoy being a part of the MFC!!
  2. This particular part was interesting to me, too. It almost changes the whole song for me a little bit (not in a bad way, just something that makes you think).
  3. This is my new favorite of all of Mika’s music videos!! The English translation in the captions was interesting, since some of the lyrics were translated differently compared to what I’ve seen before.
  4. Like @QueenBigFat I thought you were very clear and I agree with you! I often have a hard time explaining my opinion with words, too, which surprises me sometimes because I’m a professional writer (not really the emotional or creative kind of writer, though). I like that you mention C’est la vie, because I think AC and CLV are two songs with different themes but a similar approach in using a song that feels uplifting to talk about something that is honestly painful-which I think Mika does a lot, but this album is one of his best in that way.
  5. I agree with this, especially when you consider the somewhat dreamy sound of the song. It still sounds hopeful to me because of that. There are some situations, like the 2020 lockdowns for example, where I think life changes for the worst so fast and so unexpectedly that we start to feel resigned to what is going on around us and need to find hope wherever we can get it. This song speaks to that feeling for me. It still finds a sliver of goodness where there seems to be nothing left to do but be there for the ones you love. Going back to what @ACG said, it's like a warm hug in the face of disaster and I honestly think it feels unifying. Even if the song is talking about physical love, the overall feel of the song is much deeper to me. Sometimes love or even passion could be what helps you keep going through a disaster so you can get back to hoping for and fighting for a better future. (I might be overthinking the song at this point, but that's how I feel about it, and I honestly love Apocalypse calypso because it makes me feel uplifted ) How that will translate into the tour and whether it actually will be uplifting or not I wouldn't know, since I have absolutely no experience with Mika concerts, but I'm interested to follow everyone's experiences and see how the shows pan out
  6. Hello and welcome @Maria Patricia!!
  7. Congrats @TinyLove_CJ and @CharlotteL
  8. Welcome @apocalypsecalypso! I’m Lindsey from Indiana, USA. You’ve come to the right place to meet others who are passionate about Mika Have fun in the MFC!!
  9. Hello and @Arianne921! I'm Lindsey from Indiana, USA. I know it's hard to not always fit in with others and MIKA and his music definitely help with that feeling. This is similar to what happened to me, too! It took me a long time (2021) to discover who MIKA actually was but I heard some of his songs all the time. Now I wish it hadn't taken so long to discover him! I hope you enjoy being a part of the MFC!
  10. I never realized no one shared their signed vinyls on here. These are my best images of mine right now (I didn’t take an individual picture of the inner sleeve with the lyrics).
  11. @CharlotteL Your experience reminds me of when I tried to read Oryx and Crake after I heard Mika liked it. I’m think it has a better overall main theme/point than Atlas Shrugged (which I’ve already heard bad things about), but I found it way too distasteful and dark while it was trying to make its point. It was interesting to try to read it, though, even if I couldn’t get myself to finish it.
  12. I’m sorry to say part of the letter A on my QTTFT shirt is loosening already like on my black FTROS shirt (I actually have part of the A on the sleeve loosening on there just like on the front of the new shirt 😆). Hopefully mine will be an outlier, though. I think I’ve washed it twice already but I’ve been very gentle with it (I haven’t looked at the print on the back lately, but I haven’t noticed any issues). Honestly I haven’t had many problems with my older MIKA shirts I bought secondhand, it’s only the newer ones I’m having this happen to.
  13. This grocery store in particular plays pretty interesting music, I actually kept meaning to look up Talk About You and see what it was at the time because I liked it. It took me 5 years to discover Mika after that I also heard Staring at the Sun last year, and I think I heard Rain at my local mall way back when it was newish. That’s about it for Mika songs around here, though (so far)!
  14. Wow that was some confusing writing I meant I heard the song for months and months in 2016, just to be clear!
  15. I heard Grace Kelly at my Indiana grocery store today. It’s the same store I think I heard Talk About You at for months back in 2016 when I didn’t know what it was. I got some funny looks from the other customers when I was acting excited about a song playing and recording it.
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