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I first heard about Mika when I read about him in the British Music Magazine: Q (http://home.q4music.com/) He had an excellent review, and I searched for it and was able to download the album from a European download site (I paid for it!) a month before it made in the US here. I first liked "Grace Kelly" of course, but I got hooked on "Relax," it's my very favorite song on the album.

So, I went to Coachella for the entire three days, and on the the first act of the third day Mika was on the main stage. I was there with a friend of mine, like in the middle of the stage front, and he was AWESOME. Maybe I will be able to share some of the pictures and videos I took of that performance. I also was able to meet Mika at the Virgin Autograph booth, and was able to chat with him, get his autograph and take some pictures with him too. I enjoyed talking with him; he's an unbelievable person, with so much energy, enthusiasm and an amazing persona and character.


I was very impressed with his performance, and I know that he’s going to be huge in his music career, and I’m very happy to get to know him through his music from the very beginning of his career.


I also saw him last week at the Fillmore in San Francisco, and he put on a spectacular show. This guy is FLAWLESS, a perfectionist (in a very positive way) to the max, and an awesome performer!:thumb_yello: :thumb_yello: :thumb_yello:



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Welcome to the club!!!


i like doing mind games so tomorrow watch out for me! pop in some time if u cant do it tomorrow!! you dont even have to be good. here at MFC we like a good conversation!!!


hope you enjoy it here!!!!!!!!:wink2:

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