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Glastonbury - Here I Come


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I'm off to Glastonbury today, Mika's performing twice so I'll try my best to get to both and get as mush film/pictures as possible!! But there's tv coverage so please can someone please record the coverage for those of use going?? Interviews etc!!



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Thank god, I thought I was going to be alone sadly waving the flag amongst people who probably think I 'm insane.

Come over on Saturday when you see the flag, I hope it doesn't rain too much that day (keeping it under wraps in the tent 'til then) 'cause it'll be heavy enough.

It's good to know a fellow Mika fan will be there, I'm going on the coach tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, and my sister and niece are following on Thursday (but they aren't into Mika, if only I could get them to meet him, I'm sure they would change their minds), it will be good to have someone to talk to about Mika, and not get told to stop going on about him.

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