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Review of Big Girl Video Clip


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Mika - "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)"


Campy British sensation Mika has already been compared plenty to Freddie Mercury. "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" is unlikely to change that -- it's like a kinder, sweeter, disco-infused "Fat Bottomed Girls," joyfully performed on a sugar high. Bursting forth with color and energy, the video features Mika boisterously taking to the streets with a wide assortment of plus-sized women, dancing and cavorting in what looks like one of the most fun block parties ever.


Skinny girls, watch out. Between this and A Fat Rant, the day of the big girl isn't just coming -- I think it's here. Sit back, have a donut, and enjoy.

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Thanks Mouselle!


That day of the big girl is here! It's here, it's here!!! YAY!


Yikes, how freaky's that, I'm actually sitting here with a donut in one hand!! LOL!

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It was a nice review eh?!


I noticed that there are some dodgy comments on Youtube about the video and the woman in it..........being one of them it was a bit hard to read.

I did wonder what the reaction would be to the way it was filmed/edited and the song's material it's self.


I was thrilled to be filmed on the day but started worrying later that there would be a backlash about all of the big girls that appeared in it.


It's a really odd situation to be such a fan of a musician and be in their video...you lose any kind of objectivity.




Vix x

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