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Hi, I'm yet another newbie! XD


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Hi, I just joined, but I've been a fan since... February I think. I've been searching everywhere for a forum, can't understand how I missed this one XD


So, I'm from Sweden, and I first heard about Mika thanks to our lovely public service radio P3. haha. Well, P3 is like the only radio station here that plays good music, and not just mainsteam pop. First song I heard was Relax, but I didn't like it too much to start with. First I thought it was by BWO (swedish group with many massive hits), but when I heard the falsetto parts I realized it wasn't them, 'cause Martin Rollinski can't sing like that. But I didn't care very much about that song... sadly enough.


THEN! I heard Grace Kelly on the radio and my head went BOOM! And since then, I'm stuck with him. haha.


Saw him live at Berns in Stockholm in April (I think it was april at least), and it was a helluva show! Awsome! Loved the part where they all came out dressed like animals :3 Mika make's such a cute monkey.


okay.. that was how I discovered Mika. wanna know a bit more about me? Well, I'm 18, and I'm a huge fan of music in general, and especially indiepop/glam/electro. I'm a big fan of the Swedish glamsters The Ark, and I'm one out of two admins at their official forum.

I'm an art student, and I'm heavily inspired by pop art, art nouveau and iconic art. I'm also a bit of a computer geek, and I like webdesign and to make custom content for The Sims 2 (I'm actually working on a Mika-sim atm)


Cheers! :D

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thanks everyone ^-^


mika_forever >> verkar vara rätt tunsått med skandinaver här ändå? lite skumt, typ varenda kotte i sverige verkar ju gilla honom...

fast det var rätt svårt att hitta hit måste jag erkänna :/

Ja, det beror på vart i Sverige du menar. Där jag bor är det knappt någon som gillar honom.... Men ja, det är inte så många skandinaver här. Får väl på något sätt göra lite reklam MFC:thumb_yello:

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