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Newbie here! Don't run away just yet! :p


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My name's Sakina! How's everyone doing?


I first heard Mika way back in January through myspace. At that time, my internet connection was VERY VERY BAD so I only got to hear a bit of crackly melody here and there without any voice. With just that little bit of sound, I had a strong feeling that I'd like the whole song when I got to hear it! :punk:


So I waited patiently about a week or so till I finally got to hear 'Grace Kelly' with the voice bits but still crackly, then finally a whole song (not so crackly)! It was :mf_lustslow: (for the music that is..I hadn't discovered the singer enough yet then). After that, I decided to send Mika a message (at that time I still hadn't really googled him so it was a silly question now that I've googled him more than enough) and he replied! :punk: That was in January. Then shortly after the release of his album, I texted my Aunt whose in the UK and asked her to please buy it and mail it to me! Been listening to his album at least once a week since!!


Thing is that I get annoyed just a little bit when I see articles on him in the local papers. 'tis a bad bad thing but I only feel annoyed because I know I discovered him before the majority of the locals (I'm in Malaysia) and he only started getting played on radio here in April/May (hardly listen to radio myself... :blink: ) and I first saw him being featured in the papers at the end of May/beginning of June. And now he must tons and tons of fans here. I no longer feel unique! Ahhh me and my silly selfishness :sneaky2: By the way, any Malaysians regular these forums? *hides from them*


My last obession (music) before Mika was The Cling who became Seeing Scarlet (http://www.seeingscarlet.com). They're not big but I really liked their early work as The Cling and still can appreciate their new stuff but they've lost my devotion. Hopefully I'll get to go to one of their gigs though before I one day see Mika in concert!


Uhhh this is getting too long now! And I haven't said much about myself! Had better type something brief on that then..


Hmmm...Like I said in the beginning, my name's Sakina! Few friends call Kina (rhymes with Mika, doesn't it?! :bleh: ). I'm enjoying the last bits of my gap year and hoping to start uni this September (still hunting for scholarship *sigh*). I enjoy baking healthy goodies, good music (been through music appreciation course), travel, reading, writing (when in the mood..usually when I'm down!) and ummmmmmm uhhhhhhh talking?!


OK, I shall end this far too long introduction/first post here. Peace!!



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