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How many people on the site have heard of this song?



I have just recently found this by chance on YouTube.

I was listening to it and thought to myself.

Mika would sound great doing a cover of this at one of his up-coming gigs.


The song has a bouncy feel to it and all the high notes and sounds in it. I can just imagine Mika singing it.

Haylie and I think it’s a great idea. :harp:


Any supporters?

Come on now, don’t be shy.

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I have heard this song many, many times, lol. I don't know about Mika doing a cover of it, though. It's not one of the songs I have in mind of Mika doing of a cover, and trust I have many in mind. :wink2:

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hahahah OMG yes the darkness i believe in a thing called love would be brilliant for Mika to cover...not only that Martin would have a great guitar solo :thumb_yello: :thumb_yello:

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i would die if mika were to sing this at a concert!!! he would do it soo well!!

and i love when he screams!!! lol :bleh:


Is that a yes then. You would like him to sing it.

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mika singing a cover of barbie girl would be cute.... but hearing him chant "im a barbie girl" repeatedly would be hilarious


Thanks at least some one agrees!!! :roftl: :roftl:

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