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Nominated for UK Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award

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Mika has been nominated for Best Male Singer for the UK Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards! There is a link to vote on the UK Nickelodeon site: http://kca.nick.co.uk/# I can't seem to get the ballot to work, but my computer is wacky so see if it works for you!


Here's the article I found about it ->




"U.S. stars Justin Timberlake and Drake Bell are up for the Best Male Singer award against Grace Kelly singer Mika and MCFly's Danny."

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I have no problems being a kid... I'm a big kid anyway (I have to explain the fact that I own an xbox 360 somehow!!!)


It won't let me click on the vote now button!!! Grrr!!! Stupid thing!!!


And that snitch was really weird.. I kept thinking my eyesight is worse than I thought, and then would have to remind myself that its really blurry anyway!

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