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Hi..nice to meet U all...


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Hi everybody..all Mika Fans,

I'm a new member in Mika forum...


I love Mika music so much..first time I heard it was when I was looking for new songs..I looked from the british chart in internet, then one of Mika's song was there..it was Grace Kelly..I was curious..who's this guy..so I downloaded from Internet..at that time I wasn't so impress with the song..dunno why..but when I saw the first time the video clip...OH GOD..I LOVE IT...!!!


Hehe..:mf_lustslow: but then..Mika came up with Love Today and Relay... I am DEEPLY FALL IN LOVE!!! My most favorite song is Relay and Stuck In the middle... well, now, I have bought Mika's CD Album "Life In Cartoon Motion"..everyday I hear it..from morning till I sleep..then the next morning again and again..


Mika :punk: my world..and give me new energy everytime I hear it..it's fresh and unique it its on way...that's why I love it...


well, that's why I hope I can make friends with all of U, Mika fans from all over the world...

Nice to know U.. and help me to know more about MIka...


Thank U..... :wink2:

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