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It's all about me!


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well jus this post anyways.


My name is shonae, but Eff is fine and im 19 in 23 daysish YAY! aaaand im from FNQ in australia. how many aussie fans are there in these forums?? im just curious and do any of you know when we can expect the reason we are all here to visit aus??


But yes i heard grace kelly on the radio (by chance i dont usually listen to the radio) and ever since i downloaded the whole album..... then bought it i have fallen in love with every song individually.


I like fan forums, it's a good way to meet people with similar interests and to release all those things you want to say about an artist that your normal friends wont listen to.


Cant wait to start meeting you all,


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Hi Eff. Nice to meet you... and... I believe you may be our first Queenslander??!!!!! Correct me if I'm wrong.


There are a bunch of Aussies here on the forum... check out the Australian thread and come and say hi.


We're not sure exactly when Mika is coming back to Oz, but we've been informed that there will be a tour coming up at some stage.


Anyhoo- hope you have fun here on the forum!



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