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I thought it was true...

Mika Owns Me

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Don't know if i should post that but anyway...


Yesterday I received a message from a person called MIKA on myspace.

It had the same pic as him.


I thought it was him.


It was not.


I don't know who this person is, but I was so hyper, I told everybody and now find out that it's not him.


Just thought I would say that I hate this person right now.

How did he find out about me? Why did he do that?

I am so disappointed. How can a person do that?


Or was it really MIKA but on another myspace page?



I am so disappointed right now.

I don't know how to react...


Here is his myspace page





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God, it was an awfull joke. Did you give that guy a piece of your mind? Because you should. He deserves it. Playing like that with fan's feelings... it was terribly cruel of him.:thumbdown:


yes I told him what I thought.




and he wrote something like

I'll be back in Quebec very soon, thx for your love and support.


but I really thought it was true because the week before I had written a message to MIKA, about cancelling the Quebec gig...


he's such a moron.

the thing is I don't really know how he found me.


it's Carolollipop's cousin.

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