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Hey evry1!


Howz it goin? Im nu to the forum (and a bit shy lol) so dont know wot im doin lol!!!


It said 2 say when u first heard of Mika so it woz when he released Grace Kelly and when I seen him on friday nite project OMG i propa luved him strate away lol.


cant even wait to chat 2 other fans.


Big Love.



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Hope you enjoy ur time here........there's so much to talk about as it's been a mad few months.:blink:


Some of us have been lucky enough to meet Mika so there are lots of experiences to share.:biggrin2:


Vix x

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I'm completely bowled over by how luvly n welcomin people here are.


Thanx loads.


Vix, when did u meet Mika? Where? Tell me all!


Big Love x


I was in the Big Girl video and on the channel4 TBA thingy............he's soooooooo lovely when you get to meet him.


Hope you get the chance to meet him soon too.


Vix x


PS If you do meet him remember to say Hi from me!!:mfr_lol:

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