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Hello, everyone. I just jointed MFC today! Living in Chiba city, one hour away from Tokyo, Japan.


I first listened to MIKA in June this year to go to Fuji Rock Festival! His CD Jacket attracted me !! His performance in Fuji Rock was amasing! Fantastic!! Actually, that was my first all-standing-live in my life for 25years. I was so excited at that time and decided to study English again after an interval of 8years.


His words that it is okey to be different from others encourages me a lot because sometimes people do not like me doing/thinking in different way from theirs.


I had never thought about this, but my excitement has never died! Now, I am still not confident enough for my English, but really would like to share various things about MIKA with all of you!!


Thank you:biggrin2:

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Yuki chan!!! I'm so glad you finally signed up.... Naomi will take good care of you...:roftl: Thank you for the pictures, they were a memory saver. :wink2:



So how have you been sweetheart? :cheerful_h4h:


Ohhh will I now? Hahahah wow...


Yuki, I've already burned the picture CD, so I'll send that to you sometime soon... hopefully tomorrow before I go to work. :thumb_yello:

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Hi, everyone! Thank you for your all warm welcoming messages:roftl:


>Naomi and Cynthia,


It's great to talk with you again:biggrin2: :biggrin2:

Yeah, finally I joined MFC. They have lots of information:thumb_yello: and so many menbers from all over the world:biggrin2:


I look at the pictures and listen to his CD almost everyday:wink2: Looking forward to seeing Naomi's CD!

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