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Hello Mika fans! My name is César, I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and as many others here, I'm a huge Queen fan also. I've met Mika thanks to the comparison made with Freddie Mercury, at first I didn't pay attention to it, but once heard Grace Kelly on the radio later, without knowing it was Mika. Something like a month later I've heard it again, and then it was announced as Mika's Grace Kelly. The song remained in my head for a whole month, and I couldn't stop listening to it. After that, I've managed to get the album, at first the impression wasn't the best, I've expected more songs in the Grace Kelly style, but after listening the whole album, I began to love it too.

I wanted to get back to the life of forums but never found the time during the year, but now I'm on at least holidays for my career, I've decided to join this one to hopefully meet new friends.


My best X-mas wishes to everybody around here.



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Bienvenido al foro César! Como bien ha dicho babs, has venido al sitio indicado :wink2:

Espero que disfrutes del foro. No eres el único Queen fan aquí así que te recomiedo que te pases por Queeniac Club que hay en la sección General Ching Wagging cuando quieras.

Una vez +, bienvenido!

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Thanks for the welcome messages, you all seem very friendly around here!


For the argies:


También les agradezco, me pegaré una vuelta por el foro Argentino que ya había chusmeado alguna vez. No sabía de la "Queeniac" zone así que ahora pegaré un vistazo.



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