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Another one from Australia


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Hey all,


I'm Minda, 19, and I'm from Sydney. So glad this forum is here, don't know why/how I didn't find it sooner!!


Good to be around some other Mika lovers - I thought I was pretty obsessed and knew alot about Mika until I saw how much information, gossip and video and audio files you guys have accumulated here!!! It's pretty overwhelming - my Christmas project is to get through it all!!


Thanks so much everyone!!



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Top Posters In This Topic

Hi Minda!


Welcome to the MFC forum. It's so great to have another Sydneysider on board. :punk:


I'm Rainbow Sky, the rep for Australia. This means that you can contact me at any time if you have any questions or need any help with anything.


We've got a great group of Aussie fans here, the Aussie Mikamites, and you can find us in The Australian Thread within the General Chin Wagging section of the forum. Come and say hi to the rest of the gang. :thumb_yello:



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