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The New Years Party For The Anti-Social.


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I noticed there are still alot of us online, considering we should all be half drunk and dancing in a ridiculous manner to sleezy classics.

So, welcome to the mfc party for the critically anti-social.




That's only because it's still early!!! I'm going out now though so you'll have to partay without me :naughty:

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Its almost 10pm - what are you on about lol.

Most parties started a good 2-3 hours ago.

Some of us were still at work then though! :sneaky2:

Nothing exciting happens until 11:59 and 50 seconds anyway...and it's all over after 22 minutes of fireworks.....

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Bugger - the p isnt capitalized - thats annoying me now.


Your wish is my command... voila! A capital P!




Didn't want you to greet the New Year feeling p*ssed off over a P! :wink2:



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a mavit? :confused: You should know, inside this fat cheerful person, there is a miserable psychopath trying to get out. Back! Back, I say! :mf_rosetinted:


Surely both are capable of mavit making?

Wheres your creativity babs!

Cheer can dance, and your shadow can go around tripping people up - peter pan style.

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Suzy, where do you find all of these pictures, do you have a little store on your computer? :naughty:


It's simply M-A-G-I-C!


Naahh..its called "Google", then "Images". :naughty:

Jennie, Laura - don't forget to take this with you:


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