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Hey Mika fans!


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Im still walking round this website and I keep getting lost :naughty: I've managed to fnd my way to the pictures all right so far tho.. :bleh: ..


Mouaha don't worry you'll soon get used to it.

And looking at the pics isn't a bad start :wink2:

I PMed another mod about your gallery issue, she's trying to figure out what the problem is.

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and the lovely picture under your writing on a furum is gorgoeus..Ill have to learn how to do 1 of those lol .. Im desperate to see him in concert!!:naughty:


I actually stole my signature from IngievV :naughty:

She's really good at making those... check her threads, and you'll find some. She even created a thread where you can ask her to make a siggie for you with the pic and comment you want. W8 I'll find it for you.


There it is:



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