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Disco chickeeeeeeen


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soo got sooo bored today and saw this wee pom pom kit in oine of the shops soo saw this and with all the colors thought of mika then thought DISCO CHICKEN!!!!

soo here is my creation!!




like iv said before TOO MUCH SPARE TIME!!!!

aww note the pretty pik of mika in the background :wub2:


Rufus is going to be present at brixy on the 28th and will be wiling to sign autographs and take photo's

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That is So cute!!!! I WANT ONE! :roftl:



got qite a wee collection now "rufus" is the original but now he has some offspring hahaah i could make you one if you want? like if you told me what colors you wanted im sure i could send a chicken to you if you wanted....up 2 u tho

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actualy would just like to announce that if ANYONE wants a disco Chiken i would be more than happy to make one for you..just tell me what colors youd like and il mail one off to you... ihave too much time on my hands anyways :P


I would love one actually !


Ill bring you a gift in return at the Mika gig:thumb_yello:

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