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a ghost coming again here i am


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Hello sorry i'm not coming often ..I don't have many free time to come on message board but i receive some news with my spacefriends ...


Some of you know me with my nickname valou and also my 2 spaces (listed on my signature, the main is linked on the icon)


I'm happy to see that a forum is going to become official that's really great ...


mika makes me rocks in my ordinary life ..i never see him in gig as i became a real fan just after he came to france (i saw many rocking videos and pics and he is really amazing )


i don't know what else to say ahah

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Top Posters In This Topic

valou! sweety! so good to see you!

I love your kitty pictures! and I love seeing you posting so much on Myspace!


so wonderful to see you here!


Its nice to see familiar faces joining!!


lots and lots of love!

elanorelle!:wub2: :wub2:



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