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The Kylie Minogue Thread


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Is there any Kylie Minogue Fans in the house !!!


I just love her she is such a nice girl and all her songs are so catchy and what can I said she is such a Diva ! but in a good way :thumb_yello:







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To all Kylie lovers...


I am not a HUGE fan of Kylie... I like her and enjoy her music... I think she has a great sense of fashion and she has been rejuvenating her career constantly by being creative and innovative.. and that's what attracted me to go to her gig.. and so I did last night... and she did not disappoint her fans...


there were many people from all around the world at the gig...


The gig was amazing... the effort done behind the production is massive and very tasteful..


she started a little slow in the beginning - singing songs from her latest album... the wardrobe and choreography was nice.. but she kept it simple.. then by the 4th song, everything changed.. and the backdrop monitor, the dancers and the whole stage changed completly...


the animation used in all of her songs was amazing.. very well done and in line with the songs ..


the dancers were excellent... and she danced and kept her voice steady at all times...

her clothes were cute and each time she changed her wardrobe it was withing the theme of the section she was presenting...

the over all show was very theatrical.. and very artistic...


she even used pictures from Pierre et Gille during of the songs.. I am a huge fan of these two photographers... and it seems so is she... and if I am not mistaken I think I have seen her portrayed once in one of their exhibitions in Paris..


I had an excellent view as we had VIP ticket (equivalent to golden cage) so we were very close to the stage)... though it was a little too crowded for me to dance... so we moved a little to the back to have more space to shake out hips... and I suggest whoever wants to see her does the same...as most of the songs she sings are "dance" and very few "slow"


those who might not be lucky to get front seats/location, will be just as happy... cause the way the show is done is good enough for people to see the over all picture and audio visual experience... the huge monitor behind the stage changed periodically with every theme... and there are many dancers and so much happening on stage.. that it would be a good idea to be a little far to see it all happening... (I personally do not regret moving back a little to enjoy it)

she interacts with the crowd every now and then... but not mika style... but just as good...


the show was fancy.. she sang 2 songs that I haven't heard before... she also sang a song that I know in French... and her accent wasn't that good :naughty: but I guess she likes the whole European French appeal in her show..


there wasn't one theme in the show... but many... and that's what made it dynamic... a nice surprise was her version of Copa Cabana.. which was well choreographed..

I was very impressed with the dancers, her live performance (her voice was good), her choice in songs was mostly from her latest CDs and not many from her old stuff... until the end when she asked us what song would we like to hear... and to our surprise she sang "I could be so lucky" which was a great blast from the past..


the crowd was great.. they sang along.. and there was a moment when some where even singing the theme song from "neighbors" :naughty:


the overall experience is amazing... she obviously out a lot of effort in the audio-visual side of the show... the whole mix of wardrobe,dancers, animation in the background, the music... it was full of glam... just make sure you have enough space to dance along... :thumb_yello:






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Kylie didn't have her own thread? :shocked:


I love her, my favorite Pop singer! :wub2: and her new single (All The Lovers) it's so well produced :thumb_yello: and the clip...wow, a love celebration...she is a goddess :fangurl:

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My brother and I have been HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fans of hers since 'Neighbours' and have followed her music career right from the beginning. We've seen her twice in concert - April 7, 2005 in Dublin and June 27, 2008 in Belfast - and no other female artist comes close to her! :biggrin2:


My Top 5 favourite albums are:


1) Fever

2) Rhythm Of Love

3) Kylie Minogue

4) Impossible Princess

5) Light Years


However, my Top 5 may look different after I've heard 'Aphrodite'. I reeeeeeeeeeeeeally hope she comes back to Dublin on her next tour. :biggrin2:

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Kylie didn't have her own thread? :shocked:


I love her, my favorite Pop singer! :wub2: and her new single (All The Lovers) it's so well produced :thumb_yello: and the clip...wow, a love celebration...she is a goddess :fangurl:


yes she did... this one :biggrin2:

it was started in 2008 but bumped yesterday :wink2:

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My brother and I saw her back on March 23rd and I have to admit that we were both actually disappointed with the gig. :emot-sad:


There was nothing really done with the songs in the first half that made them sound any different to what you hear on the albums, but once the 'Angel' segment started things started getting a whole lot better. The 'All The Lovers' finale was what really save the show, IMO.


On a better note, both my brother and I were interviewed for a radio segment the day prior to the gig and it actually took a lot of courage for me to listen to myself on the radio as I hate hearing my own voice. :teehee:

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