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Hey, can you guys do me a favor and please add my sisters' stationary company ("Rock Scissor Paper") on Facebook?




I think the Apples will appreciate some of their t-shirts :naughty:


They make a lot of cool things so you guys should check it out.:punk:


Please and thank you :biggrin2:


thats cool! well i dont have a facebook, but i checked it out!:thumb_yello:

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the owl things look really cool :drool:

are these handmade?


i would add them but i don't have an account w/ facebook.

i only do the myface:wink2::naughty:


Yes they are :wink2:




BUMP! :naughty:

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You butthead, you should have told me your sisters run a stationery company! I'd have ordered my wedding shizz through them.


I'll order my thank you notes from them, kay? :thumb_yello:


Aww really? That's so sweet :wub2:


Thanks :naughty:


and sorry I didn't tell you....you never asked:naughty:

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