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Hello Everybody


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Wel Hello Everyone,


I am Yasmin, currently 21 years old and as you all guest a fan of MIKA. :wink2:

I first saw him on tv, he had an interview with Jensen and performed "Grace Kelly" all by himself. I liked him the moment he started to talk and make jokes and when he starten his song I was sure I had to have his album.


So now something about me. I am still a student and if my plans are working out I will be for a long time. :bleh:

My hobbies are Ballroomdancing, Music (I play the piano and will start with the trumpet soon :naughty:) and i just love to be creative.


I just returned from vacation and it was so much fun! we went horsebackriding on belgian horses, these are so wide that we could not walk normal for a few days! But it was so much fun!


My birthday present were two tickets to MIKA at Westerpark Amserdam and it was fenominal!!!! I just can't stop thinking about it and tell everyone who wants to listen how great it was and will repeat it at least 5 times :roftl:


I am realy looking foreward to his new album and new movies on his website!





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Well I normally don't ride a horse and it was ages ago so I felt it :)


oh. i understand. sorry. i ride like twice a day for hours on a good day.. i work on a sheep farm you see and that involves at least 6 hours riding a week to check all the land, its too steep for motorbikes, and i compete in shows too =)



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Nice to see another Dutch girl who has been to the Westerpark gig en who has found the MFC. The gig was great, wasn't it. And the interview with Jensen also! Have you seen the interview at Lowlands 2007 with Mika and Eric Corton, I think that's my favorite Mika interview. If you haven't seen it, it's on youtube (of course).


By the look of your photograph I can tell you were way closer to the stage then I was. I was standing in the back, couldn't see much of wath was happening on stage (every now and then my tall boyfriend lifted me up in the air so I could see a bit, my excuses to the people who were standing behind me) it's a good thing there were big screens.

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Hello Monie,


The gig was great indeed!! I stood within 10 meters of the stage! Shame you weren't closer! I had got there early though, half past zeven but it was never boring! I'll go and look for that interview with eric corton! thanks for that.




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