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A million reasons mika is posting tonight soon


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-it has been officially one week since the last post.


-you have a lot on your plate (posting question answers, updating the blackall project, and dare i mention the guest bloggers...).


-a few mfc-ers may not make it through the night if you don't. AHEM.

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EXACTLY. i mean, go outside and smell the .... air. mika will blog when he's ready.

*Looks at watch"


(I drew my watch on my arm in blue pen and it hasn't been working since. It just seems to stay on the time it started on... Must remember to draw a new battery when I'm bothered...)


But no, I agree, I would like to see another post... I dug up my handwriting analysis notes and analised the crud out of those few words!


I'm not kidding! There was a good five paiges of that thing!

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wrong..this is exactly the opposite of the last thread i posted...last one is WHY MIKA ISN'T POSTING this one is WHY HE SHOULD BE POSTING...exactly the opposite subject, although method is quite the same which amuses me...

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oh gee guys i dont really think posting blogs will interrupt his making the new album, he is a normal human and he dont have to record ALL the time.

he has time to blog, if not maybe he doesnt have anything to say.the album wont be ready faster if he will stay silent for month.

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He read my poem, and has taken pity on me, ha ha.


He realised he has a spare 5 minutes and thought he'd better do something useful with it.


He remembered he hasn't answered the questions yet.

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