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La Roux


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...I kind of liked the first single but a couple of days ago I heard the new one and I really love it..:thumb_yello:



...seems this band is no a one hit wonder.


Does anyone else like them?

(.. or I might just simply be too fond of 80s sound...:blink:)


EDIT: funny it has taken a a year for this thread to come alive...

Similar to Lady Gaga. At first most people paid no attention whilst I think you can actually sense it from an artist's first offering what the future might hold for them in terms of being able to make it or not.

I think La Roux have a solid base (in terms of talent) to draw from in the future

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I Like La Roux's Music I Think It's Great With The 80's Sound And Everything But Apparantly "La Roux" Is A Band Tho Which I Thought Was Kinda Odd Cos There Only Seems To Be The Woman Singing... :blink: But There's A Guy Behind The Scenes Who Does The Synth Sounds, etc.


But La Roux's Album Is Good I Know Has I've Got It And Heard It. Best Songs Are Gotta Be:





-Growing Pains

-In For The Kill

-Tiger Lily



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I really like her (and her hair :swoon: ) Her songs lyrics are quite original and I don't find her voice annoying. The album is very very good. Tigerlily is probably my favorite track :pinkbow:

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Haha, me too!

I like bulletproof and in for the kill. But the credits have got to go to the guy who does all the background music, that's what makes it so good.


Yeah, I like the noises in Bulletproof, the remind me of old video games like Tetris :teehee:

I don't know why :naughty:

And I can never manage to watch all of her videos, I'm usually hiding behind my hands as soon as she comes on screen :teehee:

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