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late hello


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i just finally wanted to introduce myself after i've been a quiet member since last october. i thought for a while that my obsession would wear off a little but it doesn't look like it as i'm still here. :wink2:

i really wanted to say a big thank you to those of you who are working hard at uploading and sharing things and i find it supercool that whatever mika does i can find it within hours online. i hope to be able to share something too sometime.


i'm in california and didn't 'discover' mika until last spring, when i kept hearing grace kelly on the radio that i was streaming from my native germany (he doesn't get played on the radio here at all). i finally looked it up, posted it on my fb and happened to have a french friend who had the cd. since then i've been hooked and managed to see him live at the infamous concert in oakland, where he was a one foot boy.

i would love to see him at a small club concert sometime, like the ones he did for german radio stations (really ticks me off that i'm from there but can't go!!!), or at least, i'm hoping to catch two shows on his next north american tour...

looking forward to posting more from now on.

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