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Mika shoes in Kick-Ass


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Hey Everyone!!!

After watching the Kick Ass video a million times, i just realized something awesome!!! Guess what?!?! Towards the end, they show you his shoes...and they say MIKA on them!!!! ISN'T THAT AMAZING!!!!!!:mf_lustslow: They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute...


So here's the video and you can see them at 2:57!!!


Enjoy and let's hope we find some shoes that have MIKA on them :naughty:

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Yup, i believe they could be by him...that's awesome, i'd like a pair!!

with Mika's name on it, for sure!!! Hahah, i tried to make my own (Sharpie, Paint, Converse...u know.) LOL but DEFINITELY :naughty: not as good as his!!!!


forget having mika's name on it.

i'd like a pair of christian louboutins. full stop.

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