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Hello! :biggrin2: I'm new


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Hello everyone!!

So I am supposed to start a new thread since I am new so I could get involve in the community better. So here I go. Sorry if it sounds a bit distant or dull because I am not much of a thread starter, much less on one that talks about my experience. hehehe. Oh!. Forget to start with my name. My name Patrix. I am actually a girl regardless of my name and its altered spelling. I discovered or found out about Mika about 2 or 3 days ago which was during my spring break. Sadly I found out about him really late in reference to when he debuted. Nonetheless I am really glad and grateful that I come to know about him. I discovered Mika actually by chance. I am Asian and I was on this website that talks about the Asian dramas. I was looking for a new aspiring drama to watch because I haven't been in touch with the Asian dramas community nor have I find a good one lately. I was quite down also. But that's okay cause I have Mika now. Hehehehe. Anyway, this website has articles about the what's going on around the Asian celebrities and one of them caught my attention. It was about this Korean singer, stage named Rain, being nominated to be in Time Magazine's list of most influential people. I have known about Rain from before, but I wasn't really fascinated by him, nor have I followed news about him. So I was wondering what kind of person has he become and what kind of songs he sings right now. I wanted to find out what is all the hyped about him right now. So I went to youtube and typed in "Rain" and the first video listed based on my search was Mika's music video "Rain". Yet I did not click on it right away because I did not know of him. (yup, feels like I lived in a cave cause I did not know of him) Fortunately, I clicked on his music video second. I listened to the song without much thought into it, and toward three-fourth into the song, I concluded that I like the song. It got me. After that I looked more of his songs. I was instantly hooked and built a great fascination and likeness toward his music and him. Then I looked up more about him and here I am in this fan club. I truly like him, actually I love him! He is brilliant and to me, a creative genius. Oh. When I listened to his songs from his first album, I had the feeling that it was not the first time I heard those songs. Well, more like I have heard parts or chunks of his songs. Yet, I am greatly fascinated by them. So, I do not have his albums yet, but I WILL DEFINITELY have his albums sometimes soon. So that is how encountered of Mika's brilliance and him. Pardon me for this being so long. Hope that I could be a great member of Mika's fans and hope to be in you guy's great care. Thank you and hello to everyone.

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...because I am not much of a thread starter, much less on one that talks about my experience.


Hi Patrix, you're a liar...:wink2: Because obviously you're a great thread starter and good in talking about your experiences - I really like your detailed introduction! :thumb_yello:


:welcomeani: TO THE MFC!

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