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how to get a message to Mika?


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Does anyone know how to get a message to Mika (Michael Holbrook) personally? 
A friend of a friend (Alexis Late) in Australia who wants to ask for permission to use a song of Mika's in a theatre show. Record company is being obstructive. The director/writer of the show has written a heartfelt letter to Mika begging for permission to use it - the show is entirely built around the song and they open on 6th October.

If anyone knows how to get the letter to Mika please help!

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I might see Mika on October  8th after his show in Paris if I am lucky but even if I am lucky and if you dmed me the letter and if  I could hand it to him (none of this being sure) it would be too late anyway :aah:


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Thank you!

Whilst I'm doubtful that Mika (Michael) even owns the rights to his own song - signed artists rarely do.. 
:( - it is a very worthy request as you'll see below.
Appreciate any help to let these people spread the love in Perth (NEXT WEEK!! time is tight on this one!)

Here is the letter:

Dear Mika,

Firstly, I'm a big fan. 

Secondly, I'm actually writing to you about your song Happy Ending. I have a theatre show called The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer that i (and a small team) have been performing for over 10 years, to thousands and thousands of people all over the world (USA, Candada, Australia, UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Denmark, Norway, Spain, France, New Zealand, Singapore, Equador, Turkey, Slovenia). There is more info here (www.thelastgreathunt.com/alvin-sputnik or just google 'Alvin Sputnik'), but the short of it is that it has really touched and inspired many people along the way (and gotten a bunch of fancy awards and critical acclaim too). The show uses your song Happy Ending (always through the proper channels, with royalties being paid for the use). It is such a beautiful song that really packs such an emotional punch in this show which is all about grief, hope and the enduring power of love at the end of the world. Your song is perfect and we often have people asking us about it after the show.

So firstly thankyou so much for being apart of this show for the last 10 years. I know you probably cant be across all the good and significance your work puts out into the world, but i thought id give you a sense of it here. 
Secondly, and significantly somthing happened with music rights for theatre in australia recently that is super boring but basically lead to us having to go through different processes to get the rights to your song in Australia. After months of asking we found out we cant use it for our 10 year anniversary season in Perth in one weeks time! I dont really know why, but needless to say it is really devastating, but was hoping against hope that you would give us permission to use it.

It really is such a powerful moment in the show. 
If you do it would be so wonderful and we’d be so grateful, if you could let me know either way (or if you need more information) my email is tim@lastgreathunt.com. 

All my very best! 

Cheers, Tim Watts
The Last Great Hunt

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