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Mika chansons françaises

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Please keep to English on this forum. ;) If you want to chat in other languages, you can find the threads in "MFC International".


My fave is Karen / 82 Rue de Martyrs. But at the gigs I also love Elle me dit, it's always fun live. :)

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11 hours ago, Mikasister said:

Karen is my favorite too and I like BBB. I start to get tired of EMD. And one french song I like is a version he did of "Je Chante" it's a song that makes me happy. 

Yeah! that's such a good song i wish he did more french songs 

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I could listen to him singing in French for hours cos I adore him and I love French. That's why I had so much fun learning it at school. :biggrin2: Especially with the help of some Mika songs. :teehee:

But  if I have to chose a favourite song I would say it's Les baisers perdues. I can't really say why but it gives me a certain feeling.

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