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Mika On Radio One 17/01/07


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we just need to convert Chris! Hopefully it will grow on him but I don't understand why he doesn't get Mika? Has anyone else noticed that every time Chris plays Mika he talks over it? I normally love Chris Moyles but he is starting to aggravate me now!

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Morning ...


Did anyone else hear Mika on Radio 1 at around 7.30 this morning , apart from Chris Moyles talking over the first few mins it was great! , now I need new car speakers and a voice box !



Oh my goodness, thanks for telling us! Because I have been fuming about the British media ignoring our wonderful Mika! He has not even been mentioned on GMTV or Entertainment Today, and I have already contacted them through the website, to tell them a few home truths. If Mika's video had been played, or his single mentioned on the air I'd have been happy. I think it's a miracle he's got to number 7 with no publicity and no mention of him. It would also be great if he was actually invited onto some shows in his own country! If you want to get in touch and add your voice, it's gmtv.co.uk. I don't know how to do a link.


Love today, from Marilyn

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