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Hello everyone

Mika Mad

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Hello. I am completely new to all this.

I have never joined a fan club before.

I have never pre-ordered an album before it is released before.

I have never spent hours Googling a singer/band (or anything!) before.

I have never heard anyone who grabbed my attention like Mika did before.

I have never felt the need to get on a website and go "isn't this amazing?" before.

Mika has changed all that.

Since the first time I heard "Grace Kelly" on radio 2 I wanted to know everything about him.

I am probably quite a bit older than most people on here, but I feel like a teenager again on discovering Mika.

It can only be a matter of time before the whole world is Mika Mad!

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It's great to be here!

I'm so pleased to have found somewhere that I can indulge in my Mika obsession without people thinking that I'm a nutter!

What I forgot to say in my introduction is that one of the things I really love about Mika is that his music can really make you feel happy.

I am really fed up of dreary, miserable music, so it's great to listen to feel-good music, being sung by someone that sounds as if they are really enjoying themselves.

The fact that he is gorgeous is just a bonus.............

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Lol MM!!! good intro... i think when i came here i just said hi lol mayb why i didnt get many replies!!! :)


Now i can say welcome MM i hope u have lots of fun here, iv got a feeling ul make many friends and have a great time:)

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