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Mika to support Take That

Sunny Monkey

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Comeback group Take That are reportedly lining up pop's hot new talent Mika to support them on their forthcoming European tour.


Gary, Howard, Jason and Mark are apparently planning a string of shows that will match last year's sold out UK tour - and they think the Beirut-born singer would be the perfect support slot.


The 23-year-old's debut outing, Grace Kelly, bounced to the top of the charts on Sunday on the strength of downloads alone and is poised to stay at No 1 next week after the CD hits shops on Monday.


From metro

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Still not sure! I mean obviously all Take That fans will love Mika, but do all Mika fans love TT? :wink2: I would love to go to a Mika gig, but I would rather he was headlining :naughty:


Exactly !


He doesn't need to be supporting them, they need to be supporting him :naughty:

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Is this a joke? Looks like his record company wants to just squeeze as much money out of him as soon as possible. Whoever is booking his gigs needs to be replaced as soon as possible!


And I liked Take That when I was a kid too, but c'mon.


So much for his credibility, what's next? He opens for Westlife?



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