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Grace Kelly - still No 1 (week 2)

Cautionary Wife

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Mika number one for second week

Sunday 28 January 2007


Mika is number one in the singles chart for the second week in a row with his song, Grace Kelly.


The download hit, which will only be released as a CD on Monday, is still the top-seller keeping Just Jack at number two with Starz In Their Eyes.

Mason leapt eight places to three with Exceeder and JoJo is at four with Too Little Too Late.


This week's highest new entry was Fall Out Boy with This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race at number six.



Also from CBBC


Your Charts: Music act

Is your fave not on the list?

- Girls Aloud

- Leona Lewis

- My Chemical Romance

- Mcfly

- Pussy Cat Dolls


Use the box HERE to tell us who else should be on the chart.


Each week, we'll kick the least popular act off the top five and add in the one who gets the most requests instead. (updated Saturdays)



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Very good news :)


I've just heard that his sales for this week were 77,500. Very impressive figure, apparently 60% more than Fall Out Boy's at number 2.


So, if my maths is correct. Mika has so far sold a total of 166,500.


Well Done :)

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Sunday February 04 2007 19:01 GMT


Mika has held on to the singles chart top spot for the third week running with his track Grace Kelly.


He saw off a challenge from Fall Out Boy's This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race, which moved up four places from six to two.


Just Jack's Starz In Their Eyes was down one to number three.


This week's highest climber was The Prayer by Bloc Party, which jumped up nine places to number four. Exceeder by Mason made up the top five.



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Yaaaaaaay :D I bought it yesterday, we went into the shop and my dad was getting a bit sick of waitng so he went to the assistant and said "Have you got Grace Kelly" which was funny... well it was at the time, if you get why it's funny :blink: anyways... :roftl:

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