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taratata !! - 2007


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Is anybody using an avatar/signature/whatever linking to


dis-web.nhmccd.edu ?


Because I keep getting pop-ups to log in when I visit certain pages here. So, anybody from North Harris Montgomery Community College District around?

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It worked !!


Took a while to download to the right spot but i got there in the end !


Very impressive, I really like taratata, seen two performances on it now and it's got a really good style. Our music shows should be more like that in the UK :)

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Initially it was brilliant how the whole audience clapped along.


My French isn't that great but I could understand enough his comparison of Marriage of Figaro and Grace Kelly - the fast bit - "I could be brown, I could be be blue, etc, and it was fascinating that he sang a snatch of both to show the similarity.


Also loved the segment of Queen's Killer Queen. And that French song, Champs Elysee?



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We were just discussing this at home. It's like he just has to pitch and away he goes, and from falsetto into baritone like that. Most singers have to nurse their voices... He opens his mouth... and there it is.


It must be down to all that rigorous terrorising vocal training.


He doesn't appear to have to get up in the morning and think "Do I have a voice today".


Well I hope that they will make his venues smoke free and look after that unique instrument he has there.


There is a lot of comparison with Freddie Mercury, though Mika easily sounds exactly the same whether in a live or studio situation. Pitch-perfect and quality consistent. Yet, to be fair, we haven't heard 2-hour shows yet.



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