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Mika calls loved, loathed album a "Marmite record"


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:blink: Found this the other day. I actually work for Reuters and almost ran up the the Editorial floor to find the journalist who interviewed him :bleh:


I might pop an email to the entertainment/showbiz team and see if they will let me know the next time they might speak with MIKA... perhaps tag along.. that would be soooooooo coool :punk: (but the journalists are a funny bunch.. so we will see!)


My colleagues are slightly worried about me and my obsession :wink2:

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I love Marmite (I have a whole recipe book of things to make using Marmite!)

When I go abroad I always take a jar of Marmite with me in case I can't get it.

I agree with what he said about it being a Marmite album.

In fact, Mika is a Marmite performer. Most people I have spoken to have a strong opinion of him, which you can't say about many acts these days.

Most current bands and singers are dull, dull, dull compared to Mika.

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creme eggs....... now you're talking.

I love them :mf_lustslow:


But I have to eat the inside first before the choccy, and it's not a pretty sight:shocked:


How do you eat yours Freddie?


lv, andi xxx

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What is marmite?

-Only the most gorgeously tasty spread you can buy!

You might know Veggemite, Marmite's wimpy and bland Australian cousin (a very poor substitute).

You can even buy Marmite flavoured crisps here in the UK and they are fantastic.


I have to confess to loving creme eggs too.............

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Marmite on toast is the best breakfast in the world.

Marmite sandwiches are good, especially with cheese.

Marmite is lovely on crackers.

Marmite makes cheese on toast extra tasty.

But the best thing about Marmite is that you can make a really tasty vegetarian gravy out of it. I fry onions in butter, then add a huge dollop of marmite and some water (or even better, use the water that you've boiled the vegetables in). Use cornflour to thicken it and then you'll have the best veggie gravy ever.


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