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Mika Threatened By Fake Prince!


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Article: http://www.andpop.com


British pop star MIKA was nearly forced to scrap his hit single GRACE KELLY after he was threatened by an imposter pretending to be the late actress' son PRINCE ALBERT OF MONACO.


The singer, who currently tops the UK singles chart with the track, was shocked to receive the warning on February 1, because on the same day Kelly's daughter - and Albert's sister - PRINCESS STEPHANIE OF MONACO gave the song her seal of approval.


Mika says, "I received a letter from the prince saying if I didn't change the title I wouldn't be let in the Principality. I called my lawyer to say, 'This is serious.'"


But the 23-year-old had nothing to worry about because it all turned out to be a joke.


He adds, "The letter was from a fake and someone had my address. It was a quite amazing spoof. But I believed it."

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Apart from the aforementioned some people having too much free time, how the heck did someone get his address, unless it was a friend trying to wind him up, I'd be a bit worried.


I agree some people really do need to get a life. Surley a friend wouldn't be so cruel? Thank god it was a joke though...:shocked:

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