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Fave Mika Lyrics


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May not all be totally accurate but the ones on this board seemed generally more so than a site I saw suggested the other day, though one may help with the gaps in the other.



Might be time to revisit our lyrics here soon, now we are more used to the songs, and more performances to choose from to have a chance of hearing the words right.



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I love 'I was walking with my mama one day, when she warned me what people say, live your life until love is found, or love's gonna get you down',


And also 'I look at you, you look at me we bite each other' love it!!!


All his lyrics are just genius though! I'm sure by the time i've posted this i'll have thought of millions of others!!!

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This is such a tough question to answer!

There are so many great lines to choose from, that I'm not sure that I can pick just one.

If I was forced to choose, then I guess that I'd have to say the one in my signature, because I like to think that he is a little bit shy! :wub2:

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