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Get Well Soon Mika :(


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oh dear, hope Mika does not rush his recovery for our sakes, he is in good hands that I'm sure, but his health comes first.


He had a very busy few weeks and now it is telling him to slow down, even if it means disappointments all around ( I for one have Koko tickets!)

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Take care of yourself during this exciting and busy time!

ويحصل قريبا

obtenez bien bientôt


consiga bien pronto

πάρτε καλά σύντομα

ottenga bene presto

gute Gesundheit


богатырские здоровья


Good health and get well soon!



Jeffery in San Francisco :wink2:

My MIKA blog entry - please comment!

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I hope he's drinking lots of ribena. that's high in vitamin c. i think he'd get better much quicker if had a bit more meat on him but things can't be changed....i DO make a very good shepherds pie though. The recipies from my granny. I'll come over any time to make you it mika!

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